Feelings that forsake us from the truth

We all know what feelings are whether we can explain what they are or not. I cannot think of a direct definition of what feelings are. . . besides they are things that we all get that make us think a certain way.

Sometimes we use them in strange ways. We can see a scary movie and wait for those feelings to see if we can get frightened. We can find a way in this world to date and see if we can find a future man/woman that would be our spouse (or just a boyfriend/girlfriend to “be with” if you do it that way. . .). We can use feelings when we stay up late at night on the internet. . .

But how should we deal with feelings? Can they be acted on always? Does something happen if they lead to sin that makes certain feelings bad?

How can we know what is right and what is wrong? I feel that we already have in our minds what is right and wrong. . . but yet we will make mistakes anyway.

I can think of times where I dwelt on a feeling of sin. . . I made it stay on my mind on purpose. . . and then that sin lead to acting on it in a way I knew was against God. Was that worth it? No.

Is giving in to all feelings worth it? We need to know that what we do in this world will echo through eternity. . . if we have lived on this earth for years (I have been here for 24 years. . .) we must know by now that to keep “giving in” is not worth it. But what can we do if we do not intentionally sin?

I think we build a strength if we know our strength comes from God. If you know Him He is our stronghold. . . we will always know His ways are perfect. When we falter. . . He is there to “pick us up” and through mercy leads us to live for righteousness.

His mercy is always there. This lesson scared me as a kid. I will admit it. . . I was not a “good” child though I grew up in church. When I came to a certain church a teacher said that if we know He gives mercy and forgives our sin, is that right to keep doing it on purpose again and again? What does that prove toward our love for God?

Do we love God if we want to honor Him and be like Jesus if we keep sinning on purpose in a habitual way?

What does that prove towards our love to God? How about as a representative of Jesus Christ?

We need to realize that when we give to God by surrendering to His ways it should change us. In some ways, living for Him can change us in a huge dramatic way.

I could give an example but that could come in a later article. I am not comfortable to give my testimony yet on that.

To truly live in Christ is to make choices that honor Him. Yes God gives us salvation and He shows us mercy but to give into your “old life” or to keep getting into deep habits that make God sad. . . should we keep doing them?

My pastor has said that will mess with our testimony to the ones around us. . . though they may not know our sin. . . we could still cause a problem being an effective servant of Him.

There is still a spiritual cleanse that is useful in serving Him. We must love Him but also keep our hearts pure from the world’s ways. . . (You guys know what I am talking about. I will be broad on whatever your mind may be thinking about now).

We do not always falter with sexual sin. But we must stay pure so that ones we want to reach or hope that Jesus can save will be His victory and He can use us in effective ways in leadership.

It is so much fun to do something for God! I hope each person who knows Him that is reading this will find that out!

And if you do not know but are interested feel free to leave a comment or better yet an email.

If we give into “feelings” that can mostly be our old habits we forsake the truth that we are shown. God tells us what is right. . . and if we keep going against Him there is a less chance to lead others toward ways you know honor Him.

We must pray that Jesus will be seen by others who just see our character. . . we have to not just let them “see” us for how we want them to see us but to live that way as well.

Do not merely listen to God’s Word but do what God says through His Word.

When we do nothing but sin and then try to tell others it may be like talking through a thin wall. . . there is no way of getting to others.

We must not forsake God’s purpose in us and live for His ways. . . His truth tells us a different story than what we may in the moment “feel is right.”

If you have a girlfriend do you honor God? Do you keep yourselves in situations where you do not have a huge amount of “alone” time (if you know what I mean. . .)?

Try to change situations and make them honorable to Him. Try it today if you haven’t been doing that lately.

God wants what is best for us. . . it is time to give our best to God.


How can one really live?

I believe with all my heart that the life can be wonderful. What life do you ask? Well. . . if one truly believes this life is no religion. . . this is no “belief” that is nice to do once in a while. . . this is something that fills the heart. . . it makes the soul ache if one has not received it.

What I mean is the life for Christ.

Now. . . I do not know your heart. I hope with huge hope you have not stopped reading just now.

There are people who have, hundreds of years back, have sought a greater purpose. . . and they found it! They were able to reach it because God likes it when we look for Him. He let’s us know that we will find Him if we desire to look.

These people hundreds of years ago have written hymns, have praised with all good heart, and have served not because they wanted to make money. . . but because quite the opposite that they wanted to know God more, read and grow in their knowledge, and the applied it (wisdom) to their lives and God helped them either financially and or through other ways.

I believe full well in my heart people think it might be “impossible” to live for God. When we have so many distractions. . . television that turn believing in God into a joke (there are a lot of cartoon sitcoms that do that nowadays) and other things that are so pleasing to the eye that one cannot surrender one moment into prayer. . . or even the Bible which is a way to hear what God us wants us to know.

We have so many distractions that one it seems cannot have one moment to their self on the street. . . without breaking out their cell phone or using the MP3 or other music player. There is just so little time we have for God. We have to just live it on our own. . . even though God just wants us to learn to love Him and one day know Him more.

Should we seek the technology of today. . . every moment and any time to keep us from thinking for more than a moment?

What should we do?

Should there be a time to really ask if there is a god if we do not believe? I think so. . .

How can “religious” people really live?

Have you asked that question? Interesting if you have. . .

Do you think this world can make you accountable to your actions?

Do you believe that if you were a so-called “bad” person that you know there are consequences to what you and we all do in everyday life? If so, there just might be some truth to that. Here is a spin that I just thought of. Do you think it is right that we have consequences to anything bad that we do? I think so if you look at it this way. We do have these. . .and if we didn’t we would not have a regular life where there was some redemption in life. . . there would be no mercy if one did not have anything they were accountable to in this life.

I ask reader. . . that do you believe in a Heaven. . . or even a Hell?

Do you believe in any “other-worldly” place at all?

If you do not. . . okay. That is good. This world thinks that is a good thing. You can go without any chance at problems that could lead to some biggies if one died just now.

It sounds really convenient. Wow. I have no reason to live for anything good. One can just breeze through life and things could sometimes seem easy.

Guess what. The day you might die. . . you would be in a world of regret!

You would be so torn that you did not surrender to a truth that was available to you all along.

If you do not believe this. . . than what do you think about. . . let’s say “church people.” Do you think that they just think they are righteous and good enough for heaven which is to you some kind of nonsense? Do you think that they are just making themselves better and that they are doing it SO they can get into this so-called “Heaven?”

If you think that. . . you do not get the life of a believer. Though there are people who have a wrong attitude towards what it means to be a Christian we have had sin in our lives that we could not take away. We may have struggled with certain sexual sin, were lusting for things like money, were alcoholics. . . and we realized that Jesus died for us.

Did you know that Jesus died for me? A once-sinner I was He died.

But he also died for the world though the world seem not to all believe it. For God loved the world so much. . . He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him (believes in what he did which was He died on the cross. If He did not bleed there would be no remission or forgiveness of sins. He bled like a lamb would bleed and die as a sacrifice_) shall not perish and go to hell. . . but have everlasting eternal life.

That means that the second I believe in what Christ did and want the eternal life which would be to go to heaven I just pray and ask for Him?

Wow. But Jesus died for you as well. Jesus personally loves you.

He does. Think this. . . put your name in place of “The world” on that paragraph. Look at this.

For God so loved (_you_) so much He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish and go to hell. . . but have everlasting life.

You can have this eternal life. Want to find out how? Just comment to me or try to talk to me on the internet. . . or seek a place like a church and see if you will get someone. There are places to call. . . noon is around time churches start to close their offices during weekdays. . . see if you can get someone.

This life is real. This life is worth it. And living for someone that at first loved me and then died for me is a great reason to live.

Don’t let the time be too late. Let these days. . . be days you will know of the one called Jesus Christ.

Don’t let these once-biblical times where many surrendered to the Gospel and the one who gave His life end.



Welcome to Wondermedia.

This is a place of where known novels, music, and television exists. But it gets a little better than that. If you are interested in being a writer you have come to the right place.

You can learn about creating characters and while my stuff is merely opinion you have a world of possibilities. There really is no limit when crafting a story whether it be true or just put together for fun or whether it will one day be part of a novel or screenplay.

The essence of inspiration is at your fingertips. . . or at your one hand if you like to write on paper (or type if you did not get the training on how to put stuff on computer correctly. haha).

What I have been wondering lately is. . . does anyone have interest in the sci-fi genre. I used to just excuse it since to me it was just merely aliens and goofiness. . . but I realize how wrong I was of how if one writes in the “X-Files” style, it can become more than swollen blue heads and. . . ahem, probes. It doesn’t have to be about any of that! The film The Faculty makes a fun point of it.

Also same could be said about not making it about aliens. One could build a futuristic world where (seemingly always in the narrative) man has fallen into technology and things have gotten out of hand or situations are just more dire in general. The future is never painted with puppies and smiles. It is always something that, while it won’t have to be about aliens, be about the so-called not too distant future and not be a bright one.

Look at Babylon A. D. While I have many things to say against it as a whole it is not a terrible film. It addresses many things scientifically. . . and the most intriguing aspect is a female character who may be a curse or something else to the one who has to be a chauffeur to. . . a man named Toorup.

This film has a lot going for it. . . I wish the director got full hands in putting it together. An American company, I believe, was the producer and they got more control over the project to the point the director had no hand in many of the sequences! I would be curious to know what exactly Matthieu Kassovitz did.

Also, for the curious at heart, the film was based on a book! It was originally in French. . . but the later translation made it in English and called it “Babylon Babies.” The author is Maurice G. Dantec. Both versions, I am sure, can be found on Amazon.com.

I have a copy of the book (I have not read it yet) and while the film is hugely flawed it is a great entry into sci-fi hookah.

Does anyone have an interest in at the very least reading sci-fi? Do you like Michael Crichton? How about Robin Cook? Or any other one that may put more elements of horror but keep the sci-fi side of it?

Tell me. I hope that you feel encouraged. . . and may you want to keep putting that pencil to paper (or in this case, keep that cursor flying across the screen).

I hope you like to write. . . please write to me if you want. God bless.


Welcome to Wondermedia.

Sit down. Would you like some coffee? There isn’t much coffee so I guess I will make some only if you want a cup. . .

Relax. Want to discuss books? Do you write? Do you know how the idea of a story comes about?

Okay. . . goofiness aside. I would love to find out what you think of this site.

Do you like reading books and like reading reviews or would you rather see a huge amount of movie reviews?

This will have both.

Right now, cuz I am terrible at providing pics since I am new in the game of these named technologies, I can not provide the cover images of these books.

You can search for and read of these books on


Wish i did though. Oh well. Here is a quick tri-book review!

Carrie. Written by Stephen King. Published 1974.

This book is a modern classic! It tells a too relateable story about the depths of high school and the people who will not let one fit in. More so, the effects of bullying and the teenager’s way of dealing with it. There is heart-break, tough pranks, and revenge in the middle of it all. Was it all worth it to get revenge? That is too easy to answer. . . the bullied take it too far. . . but how can they deal with it.  . .?

The Client. Written by John Grisham. Published 1993.

This was his early courtroom drama and my first to read. It tells a wonderful tale about a boy forced to grow up in his conditions as a sort of father to his brother and mother as they had been torn by abuse. The two boys stumble across a huge event that would never make his life the same again. The younger boy is so traumatized he is in a borderline comatose state. Will he confess he witnessed someone kill themself? And will he spill the beans about the biggest (and unsettled) court case this area and country? A great book. Read it at least once.

The Breach. Written by Patrick Lee. Published 2010 (2011?)

His debut book. If I let it I would give it four stars if this were a star system. The story about a strange alien-like technology is woven in such a way it is totally believable. One would think that this is not labeled a sci-fi (it is only called a “Thriller”) and when one reads it, they will find out why.It is worth the read. It is amazing; it is made in such a way that you would dare it to seem real. A real fast-paced treat.

The Darkest places one knows

((I have been having such trouble with doing stuff on a blog. I want it to be more free than when I was on Yahoo. . . but I am too “old” on the technology to really do anything right. I am an adult. . . but I am not used to posting photos . . . I could not put on a simple piece of artwork . . . . not a photo I guess))

For anyone that is creeped out by scary stories. . . maybe they have leaned toward a screen that was playing a scary movie. . . interest is swelled by the idea in the story. Or they just wanted to turn away. . . it was too “horrifying” (like how I felt seeing the beginning and middle of Paranormal Activity 3 in the theaters).

Who has ever written a character that was “crazy?” Must we understand him (or in a few rare cases, her)? Should we explain away this person’s psyche or what makes them them? I heard from a critic that the moments a horrifying bad guy is explained in an “origin” story or such is a bad idea. He thought that when a viewer understands a person that is feared the person is no longer scary.

What if one is a psycho. . . should that one be explained? Will the person seem less psychotic if their darkest places “no one” knows (the audience) is given a huge backstory, make the person less frightening? What if it was a good backstory? Should it be hinted at so no one be let in on the crazy one’s “mind”?

Too many times these past years (last year and the small portion of this one) I have “suffered” as I explore a fictional character’s mind. It can be so maddening to imagine how the person would play out. . . if they struck (or worse) a person the first time. . . do they “have it all together” or is the person slipping and ending up in less places that are public? Should they leave society and hover around their own “place” of insanity?

Dare they go out again and be given a chance to be redeemed?

I didn’t think much of that one.

Think of some examples.

In the “Saw” movie series (sorry people that are sick of it. It IS over just in case you’re doubting) there features a man who feels his killing is right. He does not like that people go on about their lives with great health. . . and live like they want to die.

He felt it was right to put them in symbolic (and literal) traps and have them consumed in their own decisions and indulgences away from the good life. . . and now they must survive or else they be trapped and death would be their downfall. . .

I observed that Danny Way and Leigh Whannell made him a discussable character. In one way he is symbolic of one that wants to deceive. Maybe they can get out of this. . . how many times is the victim in a somewhat easy trap? Nah. . . probably not once. They feel they must get out. . . and many times they fall. . .

In my opinion he is a symbol of Satan. He uses their “past” against them in a formidable attempt to make them believe they can escape. But what if this Jigsaw secretly had a motive no one knew about. Even his followers would be shocked and fall apart once they realized how worthy their “cause” actually was since his memory is only what was left (after two sequels).

I want to tell more about other films later.. . . if one wants to read it. Tell what you think is interesting about horror. I hope that people realize what horror is as it should be. People should write what makes they themselves fear. Fear should “hit home.” If not it probably would not end up scary to the one viewing the story. The early makers of Saw wrote what truly scared them. . . did people find those tales frightening. The viewer can decide that.

Sorry to go too much into “evil.” Know that God can make evil hide. . . and that when the worst situations dare come your way (people that hate you) overcome them with love. Overcome evil with good.

Take care.

Do you like music?

Wow. I do not know what to put down for this week. I feel like something is keeping me from saying anything. What spiritual warfare? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the heart.

Anyway this is something I wanted to do for an early article anyway.

This is how I want to tell music reviews. Now this will probably be the LEAST thing of media that I will review but I feel it must happen. There is very little good music nowadays it seems. . .

This will go by a star system (lowest * means it was terrible and ***** means it was given five stars! The best).

There will be star systems to these and movie reviews. . . and I found a strange way to review books. Books will use a word. . . any word as a rating system.

Think that if one sees a rating and there is an exclamation point. . . that means it is the best rating!

I want to review a band’s CD that seems to have faded out. . . the CD is popular and I hope people may want to find it and listen to the hits again. They came from PA (where I live currently) and I got to once see them open for Aerosmith!

I might do Vertical Horizon in the future. . . and I could guesstimate ones I used to listen to growing up (Alanis Morissette) that had albums I only had and still have on cassette (I do not own a player for that anymore).

There is one Christian CD that actually disappoints me. . . I might review that one as well. . . and usually I enjoy every single music CD by those types of groups. . . except this one did not reach that point. . . and all of the songs that were not hits sounded like filler unfortunately.

Ooooh. I will review them and might either give a review or a select song by song examination. I don’t know. I want these to be interesting but not CRAZY with following an exact form or way of doing it.

I hope that you reader like good music. I will not review the other stuff . . . if I said names I would probably get hate comments. Lol. Expect a variety of kinds of music in the near future!

Take care and may music help keep you day to day doing what you want to do.

Happy Resurrection!

I hope that I will once in a while get to post more than just this article on this blog about all things that do about what you see. There are going to be some different things on here every day. . . all but a few things will be covered concerning a lot of media.

So what do you think about on Easter. Do you celebrate on the traditions? Do you like making the easter baskets, tell your kids that they better get ready for the Rabbit that will come and give them gifts.  . . do you do those things AND think of the true meaning?

I hope on this blessed day you will get to think of Jesus. . . the day he got to follow through on the biggest choice in the world. The day he bled for all of our sins.

It is heartbreaking to think of what Jesus, a man of no sin, went through. Sure we may have doubts He existed. . . but why doubt when only man can at their strongest points when God has made Himself known. . . in YOUR life and through God’s Word.

Jesus was a man that made His father’s glory known. . . He did miracles and rose people back from the dead! Still people doubted Him . . .or thought he was not who he said he was! The father and He are one! That means Jesus is God.

People have spoken against that. To some he was a prophet, a man who didn’t really die on the cross. . . I guess he was just sleepin.’ No that’s not funny . . but he was God and He is today and one day He will come.

The God who Judas thought was only a teacher had walked the earth. He had no relationship with a prostitute. . . many theories and things people say is truth are probably saddened that the Bible does not prove that so.

The one who wants to give us life took our sin. . .. it was like the way we were before we heard of Him (or you may hear of him first now) was on that cross. My sin was on that cross! I could do nothing to take my sin away and Jesus, replacing himself as a Lamb for sacrifice, made the ultimate sacrifice (this was one sacrifice and final one!) by having our sin our “old selves” on the cross. He bled for our sin. I do not know how much He bled but if it was He who would die for the world’s sin. . . it wasn’t a small amount I can tell you that! He died and went to hell . . . just so we would not end up there one day. . . and then rose again! He arose. Oh Christ Almighty. . . the lord rose again.

He can live in our hearts. His walk all the way to the cross which He was strung upon was for us. I cannot imagine how saddened God was when He looked upon His son and saw a man WITH EVIL IN HIM Our father turned his face on his only Son because He was sin to God! Can you imagine that?

Christ said “My God my God why have you forsaken me?”

He died and three days later he was seen by many . . . He was as a new body! He had life and He rose and was seen by people and they were witnesses until death. Christ had arisen. . . and He can be lord of your life as well. All you have to do is believe.

Merely believe what Christ had done on the cross for you. Any doubts you have message me with comments. . . Christ died for you because the Father and He love you.

Believe in what He did . . . it can be so easy once you understand the impact Christ had done and just simply turn your heart to Him.

May this be a joyous time (okay your kids CAN have their baskets and egg hunts. . . ha-ha) for celebration. Christ is risen He is risen indeed. Happy Resurrection Day.