Wondermedia: For almost all media

This is the first article that I have made on a big website. Aside from Yahoo. . . this blog is the first for me to say what I really want.

I hope that you, reader, will feel some encouragement after this writing (I mean literally. I hope that the article after this one is better. I don’t know what to say on here besides intros. Ha-ha).

Do you have an interest in music? How about films? Do you like to read all kinds of books? Do you like to hear when there is a guide to a tv-show where not much is said except you really want to see the show?? This is a place to be if so. . .

There will NOT be much in music reviews but let me tell you. . . there will possibly be overviews on the media. . . and there is still much more to say.

This I hope will be like that Oasis song that I am taking out of context. I hope you will find this to be like a “Wonder Wall” of media. . . anything that you interested. . . or something for me to say. . . you don’t have to like me or like what I am interested in since you DO have a voice as well. Say what you feel . . . I would LOVE to hear any comments. I long to hear that there are others who have living and breathing lungs or. . . fast fingers. Ha-ha.

This I hope will be a lot or just a little bit of encouragement to those who want to be a person in film. I would love to hear of future writers out there. Make your voices heard! It is a tough world,  even today, just to get by. Getting by is no longer kind of easy.

And definitely lastly, I am entitled to my opinion. I do like to talk about faith. I hope that there is someone that will at the very least consider what is said. . . ‘cuz your heart wants what it wants. . . but Jesus just wants you to choose to know Him.

I hope you guys get to write after this article. Take care. . . I will use an old corny phrase I used in the past. God is pro-life; keep livin’!



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