Happy Resurrection!

I hope that I will once in a while get to post more than just this article on this blog about all things that do about what you see. There are going to be some different things on here every day. . . all but a few things will be covered concerning a lot of media.

So what do you think about on Easter. Do you celebrate on the traditions? Do you like making the easter baskets, tell your kids that they better get ready for the Rabbit that will come and give them gifts.  . . do you do those things AND think of the true meaning?

I hope on this blessed day you will get to think of Jesus. . . the day he got to follow through on the biggest choice in the world. The day he bled for all of our sins.

It is heartbreaking to think of what Jesus, a man of no sin, went through. Sure we may have doubts He existed. . . but why doubt when only man can at their strongest points when God has made Himself known. . . in YOUR life and through God’s Word.

Jesus was a man that made His father’s glory known. . . He did miracles and rose people back from the dead! Still people doubted Him . . .or thought he was not who he said he was! The father and He are one! That means Jesus is God.

People have spoken against that. To some he was a prophet, a man who didn’t really die on the cross. . . I guess he was just sleepin.’ No that’s not funny . . but he was God and He is today and one day He will come.

The God who Judas thought was only a teacher had walked the earth. He had no relationship with a prostitute. . . many theories and things people say is truth are probably saddened that the Bible does not prove that so.

The one who wants to give us life took our sin. . .. it was like the way we were before we heard of Him (or you may hear of him first now) was on that cross. My sin was on that cross! I could do nothing to take my sin away and Jesus, replacing himself as a Lamb for sacrifice, made the ultimate sacrifice (this was one sacrifice and final one!) by having our sin our “old selves” on the cross. He bled for our sin. I do not know how much He bled but if it was He who would die for the world’s sin. . . it wasn’t a small amount I can tell you that! He died and went to hell . . . just so we would not end up there one day. . . and then rose again! He arose. Oh Christ Almighty. . . the lord rose again.

He can live in our hearts. His walk all the way to the cross which He was strung upon was for us. I cannot imagine how saddened God was when He looked upon His son and saw a man WITH EVIL IN HIM Our father turned his face on his only Son because He was sin to God! Can you imagine that?

Christ said “My God my God why have you forsaken me?”

He died and three days later he was seen by many . . . He was as a new body! He had life and He rose and was seen by people and they were witnesses until death. Christ had arisen. . . and He can be lord of your life as well. All you have to do is believe.

Merely believe what Christ had done on the cross for you. Any doubts you have message me with comments. . . Christ died for you because the Father and He love you.

Believe in what He did . . . it can be so easy once you understand the impact Christ had done and just simply turn your heart to Him.

May this be a joyous time (okay your kids CAN have their baskets and egg hunts. . . ha-ha) for celebration. Christ is risen He is risen indeed. Happy Resurrection Day.


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