Do you like music?

Wow. I do not know what to put down for this week. I feel like something is keeping me from saying anything. What spiritual warfare? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the heart.

Anyway this is something I wanted to do for an early article anyway.

This is how I want to tell music reviews. Now this will probably be the LEAST thing of media that I will review but I feel it must happen. There is very little good music nowadays it seems. . .

This will go by a star system (lowest * means it was terrible and ***** means it was given five stars! The best).

There will be star systems to these and movie reviews. . . and I found a strange way to review books. Books will use a word. . . any word as a rating system.

Think that if one sees a rating and there is an exclamation point. . . that means it is the best rating!

I want to review a band’s CD that seems to have faded out. . . the CD is popular and I hope people may want to find it and listen to the hits again. They came from PA (where I live currently) and I got to once see them open for Aerosmith!

I might do Vertical Horizon in the future. . . and I could guesstimate ones I used to listen to growing up (Alanis Morissette) that had albums I only had and still have on cassette (I do not own a player for that anymore).

There is one Christian CD that actually disappoints me. . . I might review that one as well. . . and usually I enjoy every single music CD by those types of groups. . . except this one did not reach that point. . . and all of the songs that were not hits sounded like filler unfortunately.

Ooooh. I will review them and might either give a review or a select song by song examination. I don’t know. I want these to be interesting but not CRAZY with following an exact form or way of doing it.

I hope that you reader like good music. I will not review the other stuff . . . if I said names I would probably get hate comments. Lol. Expect a variety of kinds of music in the near future!

Take care and may music help keep you day to day doing what you want to do.


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