The Darkest places one knows

((I have been having such trouble with doing stuff on a blog. I want it to be more free than when I was on Yahoo. . . but I am too “old” on the technology to really do anything right. I am an adult. . . but I am not used to posting photos . . . I could not put on a simple piece of artwork . . . . not a photo I guess))

For anyone that is creeped out by scary stories. . . maybe they have leaned toward a screen that was playing a scary movie. . . interest is swelled by the idea in the story. Or they just wanted to turn away. . . it was too “horrifying” (like how I felt seeing the beginning and middle of Paranormal Activity 3 in the theaters).

Who has ever written a character that was “crazy?” Must we understand him (or in a few rare cases, her)? Should we explain away this person’s psyche or what makes them them? I heard from a critic that the moments a horrifying bad guy is explained in an “origin” story or such is a bad idea. He thought that when a viewer understands a person that is feared the person is no longer scary.

What if one is a psycho. . . should that one be explained? Will the person seem less psychotic if their darkest places “no one” knows (the audience) is given a huge backstory, make the person less frightening? What if it was a good backstory? Should it be hinted at so no one be let in on the crazy one’s “mind”?

Too many times these past years (last year and the small portion of this one) I have “suffered” as I explore a fictional character’s mind. It can be so maddening to imagine how the person would play out. . . if they struck (or worse) a person the first time. . . do they “have it all together” or is the person slipping and ending up in less places that are public? Should they leave society and hover around their own “place” of insanity?

Dare they go out again and be given a chance to be redeemed?

I didn’t think much of that one.

Think of some examples.

In the “Saw” movie series (sorry people that are sick of it. It IS over just in case you’re doubting) there features a man who feels his killing is right. He does not like that people go on about their lives with great health. . . and live like they want to die.

He felt it was right to put them in symbolic (and literal) traps and have them consumed in their own decisions and indulgences away from the good life. . . and now they must survive or else they be trapped and death would be their downfall. . .

I observed that Danny Way and Leigh Whannell made him a discussable character. In one way he is symbolic of one that wants to deceive. Maybe they can get out of this. . . how many times is the victim in a somewhat easy trap? Nah. . . probably not once. They feel they must get out. . . and many times they fall. . .

In my opinion he is a symbol of Satan. He uses their “past” against them in a formidable attempt to make them believe they can escape. But what if this Jigsaw secretly had a motive no one knew about. Even his followers would be shocked and fall apart once they realized how worthy their “cause” actually was since his memory is only what was left (after two sequels).

I want to tell more about other films later.. . . if one wants to read it. Tell what you think is interesting about horror. I hope that people realize what horror is as it should be. People should write what makes they themselves fear. Fear should “hit home.” If not it probably would not end up scary to the one viewing the story. The early makers of Saw wrote what truly scared them. . . did people find those tales frightening. The viewer can decide that.

Sorry to go too much into “evil.” Know that God can make evil hide. . . and that when the worst situations dare come your way (people that hate you) overcome them with love. Overcome evil with good.

Take care.


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