Welcome to Wondermedia.

Sit down. Would you like some coffee? There isn’t much coffee so I guess I will make some only if you want a cup. . .

Relax. Want to discuss books? Do you write? Do you know how the idea of a story comes about?

Okay. . . goofiness aside. I would love to find out what you think of this site.

Do you like reading books and like reading reviews or would you rather see a huge amount of movie reviews?

This will have both.

Right now, cuz I am terrible at providing pics since I am new in the game of these named technologies, I can not provide the cover images of these books.

You can search for and read of these books on


Wish i did though. Oh well. Here is a quick tri-book review!

Carrie. Written by Stephen King. Published 1974.

This book is a modern classic! It tells a too relateable story about the depths of high school and the people who will not let one fit in. More so, the effects of bullying and the teenager’s way of dealing with it. There is heart-break, tough pranks, and revenge in the middle of it all. Was it all worth it to get revenge? That is too easy to answer. . . the bullied take it too far. . . but how can they deal with it.  . .?

The Client. Written by John Grisham. Published 1993.

This was his early courtroom drama and my first to read. It tells a wonderful tale about a boy forced to grow up in his conditions as a sort of father to his brother and mother as they had been torn by abuse. The two boys stumble across a huge event that would never make his life the same again. The younger boy is so traumatized he is in a borderline comatose state. Will he confess he witnessed someone kill themself? And will he spill the beans about the biggest (and unsettled) court case this area and country? A great book. Read it at least once.

The Breach. Written by Patrick Lee. Published 2010 (2011?)

His debut book. If I let it I would give it four stars if this were a star system. The story about a strange alien-like technology is woven in such a way it is totally believable. One would think that this is not labeled a sci-fi (it is only called a “Thriller”) and when one reads it, they will find out why.It is worth the read. It is amazing; it is made in such a way that you would dare it to seem real. A real fast-paced treat.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi! I love to read and write too. I’ve read the King and Grisham books, but haven’t heard of The Breach. I’ll have to check it out as I’m running out of authors. Thanks for the suggestion. 😉

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