Welcome to Wondermedia.

This is a place of where known novels, music, and television exists. But it gets a little better than that. If you are interested in being a writer you have come to the right place.

You can learn about creating characters and while my stuff is merely opinion you have a world of possibilities. There really is no limit when crafting a story whether it be true or just put together for fun or whether it will one day be part of a novel or screenplay.

The essence of inspiration is at your fingertips. . . or at your one hand if you like to write on paper (or type if you did not get the training on how to put stuff on computer correctly. haha).

What I have been wondering lately is. . . does anyone have interest in the sci-fi genre. I used to just excuse it since to me it was just merely aliens and goofiness. . . but I realize how wrong I was of how if one writes in the “X-Files” style, it can become more than swollen blue heads and. . . ahem, probes. It doesn’t have to be about any of that! The film The Faculty makes a fun point of it.

Also same could be said about not making it about aliens. One could build a futuristic world where (seemingly always in the narrative) man has fallen into technology and things have gotten out of hand or situations are just more dire in general. The future is never painted with puppies and smiles. It is always something that, while it won’t have to be about aliens, be about the so-called not too distant future and not be a bright one.

Look at Babylon A. D. While I have many things to say against it as a whole it is not a terrible film. It addresses many things scientifically. . . and the most intriguing aspect is a female character who may be a curse or something else to the one who has to be a chauffeur to. . . a man named Toorup.

This film has a lot going for it. . . I wish the director got full hands in putting it together. An American company, I believe, was the producer and they got more control over the project to the point the director had no hand in many of the sequences! I would be curious to know what exactly Matthieu Kassovitz did.

Also, for the curious at heart, the film was based on a book! It was originally in French. . . but the later translation made it in English and called it “Babylon Babies.” The author is Maurice G. Dantec. Both versions, I am sure, can be found on Amazon.com.

I have a copy of the book (I have not read it yet) and while the film is hugely flawed it is a great entry into sci-fi hookah.

Does anyone have an interest in at the very least reading sci-fi? Do you like Michael Crichton? How about Robin Cook? Or any other one that may put more elements of horror but keep the sci-fi side of it?

Tell me. I hope that you feel encouraged. . . and may you want to keep putting that pencil to paper (or in this case, keep that cursor flying across the screen).

I hope you like to write. . . please write to me if you want. God bless.


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