How can one really live?

I believe with all my heart that the life can be wonderful. What life do you ask? Well. . . if one truly believes this life is no religion. . . this is no “belief” that is nice to do once in a while. . . this is something that fills the heart. . . it makes the soul ache if one has not received it.

What I mean is the life for Christ.

Now. . . I do not know your heart. I hope with huge hope you have not stopped reading just now.

There are people who have, hundreds of years back, have sought a greater purpose. . . and they found it! They were able to reach it because God likes it when we look for Him. He let’s us know that we will find Him if we desire to look.

These people hundreds of years ago have written hymns, have praised with all good heart, and have served not because they wanted to make money. . . but because quite the opposite that they wanted to know God more, read and grow in their knowledge, and the applied it (wisdom) to their lives and God helped them either financially and or through other ways.

I believe full well in my heart people think it might be “impossible” to live for God. When we have so many distractions. . . television that turn believing in God into a joke (there are a lot of cartoon sitcoms that do that nowadays) and other things that are so pleasing to the eye that one cannot surrender one moment into prayer. . . or even the Bible which is a way to hear what God us wants us to know.

We have so many distractions that one it seems cannot have one moment to their self on the street. . . without breaking out their cell phone or using the MP3 or other music player. There is just so little time we have for God. We have to just live it on our own. . . even though God just wants us to learn to love Him and one day know Him more.

Should we seek the technology of today. . . every moment and any time to keep us from thinking for more than a moment?

What should we do?

Should there be a time to really ask if there is a god if we do not believe? I think so. . .

How can “religious” people really live?

Have you asked that question? Interesting if you have. . .

Do you think this world can make you accountable to your actions?

Do you believe that if you were a so-called “bad” person that you know there are consequences to what you and we all do in everyday life? If so, there just might be some truth to that. Here is a spin that I just thought of. Do you think it is right that we have consequences to anything bad that we do? I think so if you look at it this way. We do have these. . .and if we didn’t we would not have a regular life where there was some redemption in life. . . there would be no mercy if one did not have anything they were accountable to in this life.

I ask reader. . . that do you believe in a Heaven. . . or even a Hell?

Do you believe in any “other-worldly” place at all?

If you do not. . . okay. That is good. This world thinks that is a good thing. You can go without any chance at problems that could lead to some biggies if one died just now.

It sounds really convenient. Wow. I have no reason to live for anything good. One can just breeze through life and things could sometimes seem easy.

Guess what. The day you might die. . . you would be in a world of regret!

You would be so torn that you did not surrender to a truth that was available to you all along.

If you do not believe this. . . than what do you think about. . . let’s say “church people.” Do you think that they just think they are righteous and good enough for heaven which is to you some kind of nonsense? Do you think that they are just making themselves better and that they are doing it SO they can get into this so-called “Heaven?”

If you think that. . . you do not get the life of a believer. Though there are people who have a wrong attitude towards what it means to be a Christian we have had sin in our lives that we could not take away. We may have struggled with certain sexual sin, were lusting for things like money, were alcoholics. . . and we realized that Jesus died for us.

Did you know that Jesus died for me? A once-sinner I was He died.

But he also died for the world though the world seem not to all believe it. For God loved the world so much. . . He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him (believes in what he did which was He died on the cross. If He did not bleed there would be no remission or forgiveness of sins. He bled like a lamb would bleed and die as a sacrifice_) shall not perish and go to hell. . . but have everlasting eternal life.

That means that the second I believe in what Christ did and want the eternal life which would be to go to heaven I just pray and ask for Him?

Wow. But Jesus died for you as well. Jesus personally loves you.

He does. Think this. . . put your name in place of “The world” on that paragraph. Look at this.

For God so loved (_you_) so much He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish and go to hell. . . but have everlasting life.

You can have this eternal life. Want to find out how? Just comment to me or try to talk to me on the internet. . . or seek a place like a church and see if you will get someone. There are places to call. . . noon is around time churches start to close their offices during weekdays. . . see if you can get someone.

This life is real. This life is worth it. And living for someone that at first loved me and then died for me is a great reason to live.

Don’t let the time be too late. Let these days. . . be days you will know of the one called Jesus Christ.

Don’t let these once-biblical times where many surrendered to the Gospel and the one who gave His life end.


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