Feelings that forsake us from the truth

We all know what feelings are whether we can explain what they are or not. I cannot think of a direct definition of what feelings are. . . besides they are things that we all get that make us think a certain way.

Sometimes we use them in strange ways. We can see a scary movie and wait for those feelings to see if we can get frightened. We can find a way in this world to date and see if we can find a future man/woman that would be our spouse (or just a boyfriend/girlfriend to “be with” if you do it that way. . .). We can use feelings when we stay up late at night on the internet. . .

But how should we deal with feelings? Can they be acted on always? Does something happen if they lead to sin that makes certain feelings bad?

How can we know what is right and what is wrong? I feel that we already have in our minds what is right and wrong. . . but yet we will make mistakes anyway.

I can think of times where I dwelt on a feeling of sin. . . I made it stay on my mind on purpose. . . and then that sin lead to acting on it in a way I knew was against God. Was that worth it? No.

Is giving in to all feelings worth it? We need to know that what we do in this world will echo through eternity. . . if we have lived on this earth for years (I have been here for 24 years. . .) we must know by now that to keep “giving in” is not worth it. But what can we do if we do not intentionally sin?

I think we build a strength if we know our strength comes from God. If you know Him He is our stronghold. . . we will always know His ways are perfect. When we falter. . . He is there to “pick us up” and through mercy leads us to live for righteousness.

His mercy is always there. This lesson scared me as a kid. I will admit it. . . I was not a “good” child though I grew up in church. When I came to a certain church a teacher said that if we know He gives mercy and forgives our sin, is that right to keep doing it on purpose again and again? What does that prove toward our love for God?

Do we love God if we want to honor Him and be like Jesus if we keep sinning on purpose in a habitual way?

What does that prove towards our love to God? How about as a representative of Jesus Christ?

We need to realize that when we give to God by surrendering to His ways it should change us. In some ways, living for Him can change us in a huge dramatic way.

I could give an example but that could come in a later article. I am not comfortable to give my testimony yet on that.

To truly live in Christ is to make choices that honor Him. Yes God gives us salvation and He shows us mercy but to give into your “old life” or to keep getting into deep habits that make God sad. . . should we keep doing them?

My pastor has said that will mess with our testimony to the ones around us. . . though they may not know our sin. . . we could still cause a problem being an effective servant of Him.

There is still a spiritual cleanse that is useful in serving Him. We must love Him but also keep our hearts pure from the world’s ways. . . (You guys know what I am talking about. I will be broad on whatever your mind may be thinking about now).

We do not always falter with sexual sin. But we must stay pure so that ones we want to reach or hope that Jesus can save will be His victory and He can use us in effective ways in leadership.

It is so much fun to do something for God! I hope each person who knows Him that is reading this will find that out!

And if you do not know but are interested feel free to leave a comment or better yet an email.

If we give into “feelings” that can mostly be our old habits we forsake the truth that we are shown. God tells us what is right. . . and if we keep going against Him there is a less chance to lead others toward ways you know honor Him.

We must pray that Jesus will be seen by others who just see our character. . . we have to not just let them “see” us for how we want them to see us but to live that way as well.

Do not merely listen to God’s Word but do what God says through His Word.

When we do nothing but sin and then try to tell others it may be like talking through a thin wall. . . there is no way of getting to others.

We must not forsake God’s purpose in us and live for His ways. . . His truth tells us a different story than what we may in the moment “feel is right.”

If you have a girlfriend do you honor God? Do you keep yourselves in situations where you do not have a huge amount of “alone” time (if you know what I mean. . .)?

Try to change situations and make them honorable to Him. Try it today if you haven’t been doing that lately.

God wants what is best for us. . . it is time to give our best to God.


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