God answered a question I hadn’t known for years!

You know, I really learned something in bible class today at church! I was pondering something I wanted to do for the Lord for a long time (count it- about seven years!) but was torn between the good and bad things about it. For a long while I wanted to make a specific movie project. I hoped to make an original film and specifically wanted it to be a PG-13 movie (I did not want it to be the “corny” modern G or PG rated film here in America. . . I wanted it to target a certain audience). I should have noticed the red flag right there that while it would be a movie for the Lord I purposely wanted it to have inappropriate scenes. There is one scene that comes to mind but I do not want to veer this blog away from “pleasant” material which is what I want this blog to have. So let’s just say it was a remark that was crude and made fun of the human body. While funny as it would have been (and it would have been perfect for the idea I was trying to satirize) I realize that, satire or not, it would not be good for God.

When one makes a film for the Lord they have to look out for a lot of factors if they want it to be fit for people who need the Lord. . . and one thing that should not be in it should be visual or gratuitous (meaning pointless) references to sexual immorality.

For years I have fought mentally with whether or not this would be a great film idea and weighed the pros and cons about the project (the cons at one point made me abandon the whole idea at that time back in 2005) and eventually I wanted to make it again. I wanted to get this story together. . . but I felt that I should look closely to what God wants me to do concerning this.

Who knew besides God that I would have gotten the answer today?

In Ephesians chapter 5 of the Holy Bible (especially in verses 3 to 4) Paul was speaking to the church of Ephesus about ways to completely honor God. He spoke to the faithful and people who wanted to follow what God wanted for their lives. The problem was there were people in the church who were preaching the news of Jesus Christ but living immoral lives. There is a word for that and in most cases this is possible to avoid; it is called being a hypocrite.

Paul was encouraged by God to tell ones who wanted to serve God how terrible it was to have sexual impurities while telling people how to live a godly life.

It says in parts of verse 2 (then to verse 3) to “walk in love, as Christ also has loved us. . . (be) an offering for God a sweet-smelling aroma. But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as it fitting for saints; (Verse 4) neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

One version that was read this morning spoke to me. . . it said “Let there not be a hint of sexual immorality in you” and let there not be basically crude talking.

My thoughts that this movie which would have purposely made fun of sinful nature but in a sometimes vulgar way would not be good for a work for the Lord. As funny as that humor may seem it there would be no real reason that it should be there.

This week I feel my eyes are opened to what the Lord has in store for me. I feel that as long as I honor God I will be able to see fruit in my life and see what He wants in my life.

Do you “smell sweet?” Do you have a pleasant aroma that God can easily use for His will so people can enter His kingdom and be saved?

If you do not have a godly lifestyle pray about it and especially if you do not know Christ you must know that you need Jesus. Following Jesus is so awesome! I have never regretted living for Him.

But you must ask Jesus to be your savior if you want a relationship with Him. For example praying that you are a sinner and can do nothing to be saved or to go to Heaven you need Jesus. You must believe what Jesus did on the cross and then choose to follow His ways and trust in Him. If you prayed that prayer (or will tonight) the moment you do the angels in Heaven are rejoicing because now there is a new person who truly is one of God’s children and will be in Heaven one day.

Living for God has been an enlightening experience.

I have seen amazing things happen in my life and I know that so much of it came after I looked to God’s wisdom. He gets credit to all the wonderful things and results that have happened in my life!

Jesus who took the cross and died for my sin and rose again lives in my heart and I see some of the things that He does every day.

And today was no exception. I wanted to be answered this question for years. . . which was: “Is this movie project appropriate for the Lord?” 

And I got burdened by God’s Word to realize the answer is “No.” Though that is the answer I don’t feel sad that I have to say goodbye to this idea. God needs to be heard and when that word of the Lord is nicely “peppered” with big bits of humor, who’s attention does the listener become turned toward in this case? The speaker maybe? Not God.

God should be heard not I. I know that living this life for Jesus He must increase (be more like Jesus) and I must decrease every day. The word of God and the message of His son has shown me the place that is good that I must follow.

Thank you Jesus for showing me where to look.




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