Give more to God. You cannot “outgive” Him.

I have been seeing things in my life lately that I think are evidence of spiritual growth. I am amazed at what God has been doing in my life and it amazes me to know that He is doing this (and I don’t deserve it)!

But one thing has made me challenge my faith in God lately. . . and that is if I give enough of my life to Him.

I have been feeling like I have been unfair to God that when I go out and serve God in this special teaching thing with children (that is NOW over!) before I leave I read His Word. I have made it that it is the only chance that I read the Bible.  I noticed that during the other days of the week I would find it seemingly impossible to read His word or just merely have time set aside to do it!

But there is a twist to that! I CAN afford to make the time. . . it is just that I made myself believe that television shows and other activities get in the way.

I realized that and prayed to the Lord about it. I said that I know that the amount of time I do spend with Him He does appreciate. . . but I feel I haven’t appreciated Him to bring more of Him into my life.

I need to give God more time by reading His Word and praying more. Plus I need to have Him use me more. . . because these chances I got to serve Him were not going to last forever!

I still need to while I had that “territory” to proclaim the word of God to head to my own territory. . . to my own house, to my neighbors, and to others and shine God’s light to show them that He loves them so.

One saying that a church member said about serving God has stuck with me for a few years. She made a point about telling people about the Bible and said how much God uses it. She said how we are free to share as much as we want.

And she said: You can’t “outgive” God.

What did she mean about this?

That God’s faithfulness and love is available today and always! That He loves us so much and that He wants us who know Him to let other people know that.

It says in God’s Word: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).

Does that mean some of the world? Does that mean only church members? Yes right!!—–

Well maybe you have been unintentionally feeling that way but that is not true! We live in a world (especially us in America) that when things go well and it is up to us to tell people the Gospel we may think our way out of it. Or we think, “People will think I am silly if I tell them about Jesus.”

Well guess what? If we do not speak about the One to the world it is like we are in the world.

I think we should be thought of as “silly” in a way. Hey. Normal is not a good thing. 😛

But if we get rejected by the world and persecuted maybe it could bring people to see that “light” in your heart because you are not like everyone else. Maybe someone could see you as an example for someone who follows God.

Be an example tonight. Give out for God. Let Him know how much you appreciate Him. Tell your children a bible story before they go to bed. Pray to God and ask Him to be glorified in your life. Love the Lord!

And maybe God will one day thank you that you gave so much for Him. . .



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