(I hope to post something new soon. I did not know what to put down so I scooped up some poems that were written a few months back and hope you like ’em.)

Poem 1 (3/16/12)

The love of Christ is great enough to save

I can never measure it

The mercy depths as big and deep as oceans

I can only match it with my sin.


Poem 2 (3/20/12)

O to dwell in peace I cannot understand

It is a gift I know given freely from Your hand

To rest…then see what You will do

It makes me joyous and wonder my life with You.

I will be still and know who You are.. .my God.


Poem 3 (around 3/21/12)

I want to live justly

love mercy for You.

I want to give always

show that I just want You (God).

This world shows darkness . . .

but I will shine light- Your

righteousness shown. Yes.

That is what I live for