The Best For You

I had to have a serious talk with someone today. I know that even Christians feel discouraged and they just want to have a real chat with people sometimes.


Did you know that it is good if God’s Word affects you whatever way it does? Sometimes it makes us realize our life is not honoring the One who loves us or encourages us to make decisions for Him. We have got to know that it is good to not be “comfortable” in this world.

If you know Christ and you know all He has done for you, you have to make your life and decide things to live for Him (sorry I am trying to think of a Chronicle of Narnia movie where Lucy said it was time for them to “prove themselves to Him” meaning Aslan. It is a fairly good example. Aslan is symbolic of Jesus).

Some people think to follow Jesus or to accept Him they may have a gigantic commitment as a result. They might think they right away have a burden or that they have to lose everything they like to follow Him.

Some might be saying “What? I can’t have fun?” You can always find happiness in things like friends and making relationships. But to really live you must realize the joy that Christ has given you and know that all He wants is for you to live for Him in His good ways.

There are many who disagree with the Gospel of Christ (I don’t want to give examples). And there are many who think “God shouldn’t care about whether I ______ or not!” We have got to know that we are in a world of sin. This is a world that has turned itself upside down. Whether we think what people do is wrong or not we should at least acknowledge that some acts are at least at some degree “wrong.”

There are struggles that we can experience every day. To give up doing sins and asking for forgiveness after confessing (admitting to God) sins is good. We can do that and know that God’s mercy is available always during those moments.

But in this world people will even say to talk about certain things within the church is wrong (the “hate” law is practiced in huge states like New York where they will not allow churches who were once free to talk about the Gospel to not talk at all about certain lifestyles. So much for the freedom of religion). What people in this world must realize that God wants the best for us.

God cares for us. God cares for all people. He only says in His word some things that some may think is surprising (I can’t think of a good word) is because His word will set us on a path we can only get on through His Son Jesus Christ.

It is good to follow the path of the straight and narrow which is walking with Jesus.

Sometimes to be stuck in sin you may feel that you do not want to come to the light or goodness that is God. You may think that “if I keep doing what I like to do than I am comfortable in not thinking of the truth.” God’s Word whether it hits us hard or makes us feel comforted is truth. God is the God of all Comfort and He is just in what He wants for us.

People in this world think that “God should not care about things in this life” that Christians think is “wrong” or against His Word which is the bible. Well if that is true then Jesus came into this world to do nothing. We all have sin! Whether you think what people say about the sin it is sin. People who live in relationships that are not appropriate (I am saying any kinds of sexuality. Including heterosexual) should at least know that there is more to this life than that. There is the love of God who wants us to just follow Him and seek His ways.

Okay. I lived in that type of world! The world is not a great place to be. I know that God would not want people to get into acts and things that could break His heart. There is no way that I can find a future in that and I want Jesus to guide the way in my life. God wants us to treat our bodies like temples to not hurt it in any physical way and to be ones who can have the One in our hearts. I have experienced a miracle in my life that only God can explain!

I seek the Lord Jesus to find a future to my life. Maybe even have a wife one day! I know that through Him there are amazing mysteries that Christ can reveal to people things that are impossible apart from Him that can let people know He is there for them.


He gives wisdom through His word when people need it (try it! It really happens). God gives grace and things that are good because He wants you to want to know Him more. He wants there to be a relationship with Him. One where you are free to tell Him all of your pains, take your burdens, and just love you and help you through things of life.

He wants the Best for You (for He knows the ways that He thinks toward your life. He has thoughts of peace and does not have plans of evil to give you a future and a hope). He loves you… Just because you feel that God is not true does not mean His love is not really there.

His love is there. You just have to believe it!


–(What Jesus did on the cross was not in vain. Jesus died and had all sin on Him laid so that we would not go to hell. He died and rose again because He has conquered death so that you may live forever in Heaven with Him!).–


If Jesus came into a world that did not have sin than He had no reason to do what had been planned.