Man Vs. God’s Glory- 10/21/14

I almost forgot to post today something that has been on my heart to talk of for awhile  though I was planning it. I read a brief devotion from Max Lucado that basically said to do something for God now. That was enough nudge from the Holy Spirit, thank you God.

What do you think of when you hear of glory? Do you think of the Lord? Do you think of the glory after a win in a major football game? Do you think of a Lady Gaga song…?

Well, what is glory? I looked up the word a bit of a while ago and it described it as “exalted honor.” Hmm, interesting.

I used to think if it was God’s glory it was like a big and amazingly bright light that was always shining day after day and forever. Because through all things when they are done in God’s love or passion He glorifies Himself all the time.

It’s sad when people think they know what is good for others. I mean that as if some places have gone beyond the separation of church and state and lawmakers are now making the church do things that are violating the law, in their effect (though they claim they are in right and the church is being unlawful). What they are doing is wrong and is basically equivalent to me going to an atheist convention and preaching the word of God and if they bring on the cops I sue and automatically collect the damages. Because they just wronged my right to tell them that what they were saying in that congregation of people was against my belief.

Now I know that people think “what are you talking about?” Sound ridiculous? It seems in the USA a country that has been stated once as a Christian nation is being pulled out of being that because of people. It’s funny when ones say churches are wrong to say certain things. That opinion can be taken in and pondered about. Okay, sometimes there are people who have off beliefs and should be labeled as cults but the church should never be given restrictions for what they can and cannot say. Restrictions as in a law that is active in the huge state of New York stating what churches in that entire area are being forced to not say.

What happened to freedom of religion? It seems in left-wing politics they can say whatever they want against others and justify it but once you try to tell your freedoms they bring out the constitution (which they apparently don’t even follow themselves what with forcing medical care on the entire public or else people pay a fine) and say “You should follow the law! Unconstitutional.”

Now I did not try to start a flame war with people strong on politics because I wanted to talk about something actually important.

I want to go beyond all beliefs in the political field and pierce though it with God.

What does God really want for us? Extreme left-wing, right-wing who cares?!!

What does the god of the universe who could have focused on anywhere else in this world but wants a relationship with us here down on earth? Who wants us to choose to be more like Him who wants to dwell within us?

You know during times of the Old Testament people were given laws. Did these laws save the people? By no means!

It was God who would do the saving, they depended and focused directly to Him!

God spoke to the people, had the Word for the people because knowing what God wants for us by reading His word has no way in our heart if they are just laws or “rules.” What God’s word and the Gospel is are from His principles.

God wants what is best for us. His plans for all and each of us is not meant to harm us but to give us a future.

People think they are doing good by forcing churches, bodies of God who gather to directly know, be honoring of, and be blessed by Him to tell them what is “right.”

That may be right to the ways of the “man’s” perspective but that is not good for earthly purposes on what is right. What people think is convenient to man is not beneficial ultimately to the adding to God’s Kingdom.

People can struggle with sin and problems but they must know that there is love by Jesus that forgives it. God forgives all! His blood by Jesus. It paid for everything this world may think is both good and bad.

I’m still not ready to give my testimony on a subject but we must trust in God’s way. His way by the pure holiness that gave us the bridge to heaven is the only way.

We must give our exalted honor to Him not by what man’s perspective perceives as “right.”

If you are giving glory to man you are living for the wrong reason. Let’s say the Greeks in ancient times did that (don’t let me get into that one…!). Did the ancient games add up to much ultimately and spiritually? Well there was a lot of bloodshed for sport and those deaths were pretty much in vain as far as I am concerned (murder was pretty much the game, make them die or die!).

How does one add to God’s kingdom? Do you believe in Jesus? Have you told others about Him without using the “I am just a Christian” attitude where you either judge everyone around you and not share His love or you make your statements the gold; being a true believer in Christ is not to boast of your thoughts or what you think the bible says versus what is does say.

A believer in Christ boasts in what Christ has does solely on what God has done in their life. Do you think sharing Jesus is a burden or do you take it as a wonderful chance to love in God and be love by telling ones what goodness it is to know Him?

Do you think that you can get better in your works or do you know the truth that Christ work on the cross is complete? His death on the cross gave us freedom from our punishment from what we deserved. We are free from the powers of hell and your friends around you can be to so please…

-Let’s give for His glory!


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