Movie Review- The Second Chance

Genre: Drama

Rated PG-13 for thematic elements and language

Rating: Three *** stars out of five

Synopsis: Ethan Jenkins seems to have it all together. A book about living for God, a big house, even leading ministry comfortably and only within the walls of his church. His father realizes the quiet crisis and seeks he go to a place he’s not used to. One of many places planted by Ethan’s father, he gets sent to the Second Chance church that is within the heart of an urban community.

There Ethan learns the meaning to serve as well as leaning on and learning with a street-minister who is stubborn as well as zealous to the Lord. There two churches different but founded on principles will have their foundations shaken, their hearts stirred on what truly is right in the eyes of God and what man does that sometimes stops God’s blessings from continuing on for the ministering for others.

Review: I’ll admit it. When I first saw this film, I did not totally like it. I was shocked at the surprising amount of language, sexual suggesting with one character, and overall “unholy” aspects of it. That is until I realized at its heart what it really is that I changed my opinion.

This is about imperfect people all realizing the grace of God and serving Him as well as learning all in the heart of two places, a church with brutal realities and another that appears to have lost its goals on what God wants for ministry and use for His will.

They both clash and one threatens to be torn apart. But people who know what love and humility is about fight to keep their foundations from being taken.

What we have here is a “Cross and the Switchblade” for a new generation. Every person is flawed no matter how small their character and the tender love that is shown between the bodies that are churches is wonderful. Mostly by the church called “the Second Chance” where Ethan gets sent to to find out what real servitude is, and that is not what he’s used to, not sharing the love of Christ and staying only within his walls of comfortable lifestyle.

This is a good film. Yes there is some violence, a mention and woman attired that shows she was getting away from prostitution, but through it all people get the second chance to life. Not all listen but the truth hits home to anyone who knows people or better yet know they themselves used to live a certain way but were rescued by the blood of Jesus.

And this story is good for churches (probably no kids if there should be a free showing; there is language just not as “bad” as other movies that are garnered a PG-13 rating) or just to watch with close friends and family it is a story that must be seen to want to serve and believe. Serving is a matter of the heart, not by one’s appearance or by just looking like one does have it all together.

We all when we tell or receive the gospel need a second chance (or more). All we know is while we are imperfect, Christ is by our side through thick and thin, through death and life, and that makes it all worth it.

And God bless you for reading this review.


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