I’m back! Striving forward- 2/1/16

Yep I’m back! Happy to be posting again. It has been a long ride from my perspective (emotionally anyway) and I just wanted to say before posting a new article soon an update on how I’m doing.

I have been going through complicated emotions stemming from feelings of insecurity, being unsure of my future, and depression just to name a few. I was afraid if I encouraged you guys with that heart I wouldn’t be speaking from a follower of Jesus and that I would mislead people because it wasn’t done in the spirit.

As you see I am trying to take this blog seriously! Just being afraid of saying something off might be an admittance to “trying for perfection” (which might be a hint for an article coming soon) but I hope not.

Is everyone doing good? I hope so. For me I yearn to strive forward and not look back (if only to keep people from heading down the wrong path) and I hope you are willing to stay with me along the way.







One thought on “I’m back! Striving forward- 2/1/16

  1. Note: Apologies to anyone who is following me and has probably seen this in their email multiple times with small changes. Sorry I’m a little rusty. I haven’t posted in a year so I made errors and then forgot to put tags at the end so it was redone three times. This is the final version I promise (but wait, that doesn’t look right…. I should edit- NO!
    I’m only kidding, the article is fine now!).

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