Some tips for Moviemakers-Video by YT

Just saw this and I think it’s perfect for anyone who needs tips on crafting good films. Because of this video I got an idea on a way to punch up a script I hadn’t put down yet. He says about avoiding cliché like having the first scene be the character waking up. This can be a good idea if used right (if it’s integral to the story) but if it is only because it’s the beginning it shouldn’t have to happen.

Before I show this video I want to give you my tips (some might already be in the vid but still) if you want read it. One. If you want to make a good film story or transfer a short-story you’ve written into one you must show visuals and make them a little more important than dialogue scenes. People love dialogue but if yours isn’t that interesting or goes on too long people will not stay invested in anything else you have to say. Two. Avoid putting in scenes that are not important. Because pacing is key to keeping the rhythm of a film and if you don’t keep it well-balanced again you will lose your audience.

Okay it’s all I can think of right now. I only think of this stuff because of hours of watching behind-the-scenes features of films and also hearing  audio commentaries. If you haven’t done that before and you want advice, it is great stuff to check out!

Wow, everything I said is in some way in the video. This has loads more tips though so check it out!!!

Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

And to let you guys know, sorry I have still to make more articles this year. I started one and will scrap it because it isn’t as informative as I expect it to be so that one might not happen. (though the one I hinted of last is not the one I’m planning on excising. It was a draft a few weeks back, so the one I spoke of might occur soon!)

I plan on making at least a film review (maybe even covering a trilogy!) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Take care and God bless!