Quick Quip-To Disciple

I should not only think this as our church’s Missions Conference is coming up and it is to disciple but that is one commandment of God we sometimes neglect to think about.

We should as a church guide others spiritually to help mature the body but also to make servant disciples of Jesus Christ. It is God’s goal that His word be spread everywhere the one following Jesus will go for their mission so it must be so and intentionally done.

For too long I have felt like ones within the church. I kept letting feelings and insecurities hold me back, thinking that I lost Christ’s calling at least once every year but it is not true (it probably was a tactic from Satan to think that way).

And now I hope you desire if you spend time in His word when you can to do so for people of your church or join one to gain fellowship, guidance, and learning of what the bible tells of through the books of amazing stories. Talk to new people visiting and get to know them. Also share Christ with people that if spirit-led would be situations of opportunities presented by God’s will. He will give you chances, then people will by Christ’s power be saved!

I want to be one of many who want to share with each other as we are united by His blood and now share each others love and gifts within God’s family.

Be like a disciple-maker today!

Jesus said:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. ~Matthew 28, verse 19





Preview: Whats to Come!

Hi sorry for the preview instead of a full article. I just wanted to tell you hopes that are going on for this site and you guys deserve to know what’s coming.

Content-wise I have learned to only put on family-oriented film reviews on here or at the least films that a Christian audience would see. No rated R films on here!!! I made the mistake of putting on other reviews (well one anyway) and I couldn’t help but realize it threw off the balance of my blog. Early blog readers, that’s why that review is gone just to let you know!

Anyway I was digressing a little… I told people of this a while ago that I would do a movie series. Well that movie series is the Left Behind movie trilogy! While not every movie is totally great (the first film decided not to share a message. Why? Just because people that didn’t know the Lord would see it?? Did they not understand the reason for the movie?) but it is still better probably than the Nic Cage version. Note: I bought that version at a 7-11 and STILL have not watched it. I just hope it’s worth the 3.99 and not nixing the 3, haha! Just kidding. Was an exaggeration but I don’t remember the price, anyway….!

I will soon post a blog article on blessings. I rarely do drafts before posting online but it started that way for this case (also happened for “Tight and Secure” too!) so hope to finish it.

And there is one more tri-book review. This one under a completely different theme. Well kind of like the ones about the fiction thriller and the true story autobiography of the young woman who ended up knowing Christ, like that!

Hope everyone has a good day!






Book Review- Scream by Mike Dellosso

What if death and hell stared you in the face?

For Mark Stone it had come close enough. Every time he had a phone line conversation with another soul, it was interrupted by terrifying voices. A cacophony of screams. What was this and how come the one he spoke to would have their line cut out before their untimely death?

This throws the idea of death and peril into Mark’s mind as this curse, this vision makes him race against the clock. Then he realizes that it is inevitable with his own power.

And then death gets personal.

This was a great and clever book. I like that this book doesn’t make light of making the Christian themes in it as some writers would (or some do now as time passes and they find a more mainstream audience). It also gives us terror of what can be a possibility of other people’s fates.

It doesn’t have to be this way for people to be separate from the love of Christ as the characters know including a Christian female cop. There is evil within the themes of this book but also the chance of salvation and love on the other side all given a tough to put down narrative. I hope people who have read this (but wouldn’t be surprised if it has happened) will feel the want to minister to others for Christ. I think the message is that powerful here in this book.

And also Dellosso’s way of writing kept me glued to the pages with its flawed characters, suspenseful and terrifying situations, and enough twists that will make you quit guessing. You are just in it to learn the going on of this main character and another person seemingly apart from the main story but it doesn’t lose its interest.

I found this second piece of the story uneven at first but as time with the book goes on getting further into the mysteries of this person with unknown true intentions, it became a separate highlight as well.

While Christian fiction rarely finds an audience or a workable narrative adapted for film, I wish this was a movie. Come on, Three and House jumped on the celluloid bandwagon so my wonder is why this true Christian Horror story hasn’t come along for the theater ride?