Quick Quip- A Pit 3/11/19

A good chunk of this sprang from reading a book that my church has been getting into lately by a great writer. Maybe in a future post I will speak about this and the other book we covered that is about the Christian life but how we might get the wrong idea about how to live it.

Believe it or not but just moments ago I was feeling like I was in almost a pit of despair. For some time now, depression and complicated things in my life were feeling like they had power in tearing me down.

It wasn’t until I found a glimpse of a purpose; I saw someone I never thought of to pray for and feel like that began to open my eyes. I realized that the person had little to no self-worth and prayed they would find that in God. It didn’t strike me that something that was seeming self-seething banter was actually not that but a real reflection to how he saw himself.

It seemed that God has done this with me a few times maybe more. Where I had to feel lower than usual to realize that God wanted me to see HE was doing the work and not me! Too often I thought to live for God but telling others about Christ felt almost like a burden or something that would be too difficult. As my pastor has once said all as believers are called to tell and testify of Christ but there are some who think of this as a chore or with the wrong attitude.

For a while now I have also felt like I have a burden toward certain people and though I don’t exactly know the know-how to speak and reach these people in Jesus’ name effectively yet, I will still at least strive towards that as well as want to share the gospel with the people around me.

I hope that you reader will realize something greater than this life seems to offer. Sometimes life has to get us into a pit before we find out there is a way out and a path in life that is greater than we would ever expect. I hope in Jesus that He shows you the way as well.


Quick Quip-Restoration

Sometimes God will do things beyond what we expect. I even think of my testimony where God had transformed a part of my life that I thought only I could do (or at least try to succeed at it- I failed) and He did the impossible because of the change I had through Jesus Christ.

But actually God can if you know Him do things you can’t expect. He can restore Your life if you live for Him! But not everything is instant in happening in your life though; in fact sometimes you have to wait on Him for certain things (while that happens, build up your character in Christ) but it will be worth it.

I have not reached certain parts of my life I hope to achieve yet. I thought I was going to be married to someone, have kids, etc. but a lot of things in life got in the way (mainly my fault). In church just this past week, all I could think of was that I probably had a few things to give up: things I needed to bring to God and lay the burden on Christ (mainly using bad language even when I’m alone. I don’t like to admit that). But up until then I was seeing God doing many things in my life leading me up to Sunday and felt the tugging in my life. That was when I poured my heart out to Him in tears praying I will live for Him with all my heart. I want to give my all to Him.

I wasn’t going to just only give up little things while other things I knew were not good would just be like a hobby. I wasn’t going to half-“donkey” it. (You know what word I mean by that….). No but instead I feel that I should give back to the Lord, everything as much as I realized the day I was completely transformed by Christ.

Even believers need to be refreshed in the spirit and be restored to what God wants them to be at that point in their life. This is not saying that in one day you will be pretty much 100% like Christ (that is where sanctification comes in. Also it’s a process only we will never be perfect, not until we are gone from this earth).

I was reading a devotion by Max Lucado recently and one thing caught my eye. The title for that day was “A Complete Restoration” (just to note I wasn’t going in order like one would normally with devotional stuff like this). It says that God “has” to change us. If we aren’t changed by Him what can He do in your life? He must take down walls of hatred and replace them and other things with His goodness. We need to be transformed and restored or else what can we be when it comes to showing the light of Christ so that others can seek Him?

Quick Quip- More than just a Fan

Some churches have a strange agenda. They think it’s a good idea to take in people unchanged by the gospel and then have them a part of the ministry. This is only to increase numbers and to also tell people on the outside that “Hey, we are not like those judgemental church people. We’re the cool ones!” But what they don’t realize is how dangerous that is.

What is the point of the gospel? It is the good news!

It is where the holy spirit after initially saving someone eternally they will then try to learn grow in that life and be changed from the inside out. But some churches like I previously referred to act like they are more of a fan club. They only skim a person’s comfort zone like they are hoping the person will be okay and be on their side.

Doing that is not only halting Christ’s kingdom but is not lasting in the long run. There is a huge difference with having something like a fanclub which can easily end in a month but an eternity is forever no matter where a soul ends up going. Heaven or hell.

I choose to be more than just a fan. This is for me and the people around us not because I’m “judgemental” as people would accuse but because what God’s word says is in contrast to what we may expect but it is also beneficial if we want to go to heaven and also here guide people who will disciple others in leading them towards Jesus.

Another Quick Tri-Book Review!

Hello friends!

I know it has been quite a while. I hope to post more often this year as I have been slacking lately. I thank you guys for hanging in there. I will post articles again soon I just want you to know that these are three books that are notable and must be read. And just by coincidence they are all female authors. Now while the first one selected is well-known and popular the other two you can most likely find on Amazon or Barnes & Noble by ordering them.

I last posted this kind of review back in April two years ago so I really have to catch up!

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. (Originally under a different title) Published 1939

A definite classic! Ten strangers are invited to a party but eventually a horrific series of deaths plagues them. The murderer is a mystery. All they know is each person dies by the line of the respective nursery rhyme that is located at each of the guest’s bedrooms. Who is the clever but evil person about? And why does the person feel what they are doing is right as the person believes they are bringing their sins they got away with to light and they must die for it. This book will keep you guessing. And it has one of the best twists in some of the greatest literature out there. Warning though. Very violent.

Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter by Sarahbeth Caplin. Published 2012.

Wonderful and amazing. This young Jewish woman had to go through a lot growing up. It was bad enough she lived in a heavily conservative environment where the Catholic boys ridiculed her beliefs but she started to believe and be interested in this person called Christ. Then because of that she feared of being a “stranger” to her own family. This non-fiction story of a personal journey is poignant and very thought-provoking. It goes from telling a story to bringing up points only a Christian professor would think about but this is Sarahbeth’s story and it must be read.

Frozen Footprints by Therese Heckenkamp. Published 2012.

I love the clever title as well as the story within. The title takes the “Footprints in the sand” poem and gives it a cold, daunting spin. A twin goes out to search for her male twin brother when her own grandfather is too stubborn to believe he is even in trouble. Her plight leads her to a nightmare she might never forget as she falls into the hands of a cruel man planning to benefit from their rich old guardian. After the opening scene grabs you the story pulls you in, taking you on a crazy ride that you will not want to forget. The story is about a Catholic girl who is thrust into a situation that might make her question why with her rich grandfather she lived such a responsible free life. Reading this book will make you ask over and over: “Why isn’t this a movie?!”


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Wish i did though. Oh well. Here is a quick tri-book review!

Carrie. Written by Stephen King. Published 1974.

This book is a modern classic! It tells a too relateable story about the depths of high school and the people who will not let one fit in. More so, the effects of bullying and the teenager’s way of dealing with it. There is heart-break, tough pranks, and revenge in the middle of it all. Was it all worth it to get revenge? That is too easy to answer. . . the bullied take it too far. . . but how can they deal with it.  . .?

The Client. Written by John Grisham. Published 1993.

This was his early courtroom drama and my first to read. It tells a wonderful tale about a boy forced to grow up in his conditions as a sort of father to his brother and mother as they had been torn by abuse. The two boys stumble across a huge event that would never make his life the same again. The younger boy is so traumatized he is in a borderline comatose state. Will he confess he witnessed someone kill themself? And will he spill the beans about the biggest (and unsettled) court case this area and country? A great book. Read it at least once.

The Breach. Written by Patrick Lee. Published 2010 (2011?)

His debut book. If I let it I would give it four stars if this were a star system. The story about a strange alien-like technology is woven in such a way it is totally believable. One would think that this is not labeled a sci-fi (it is only called a “Thriller”) and when one reads it, they will find out why.It is worth the read. It is amazing; it is made in such a way that you would dare it to seem real. A real fast-paced treat.