Sin Undone-6/5/16

I have too much of a busy schedule, it feels like to me. I am grateful to work but sometimes I can’t even rest. I’ve got work on the weekends and plus at church I couldn’t even stay because of duties so I had to up and exit the sanctuary. I hope this all doesn’t overwhelm me! Sigh*~


Hello. I hope you have had a relaxing Memorial Day of reflection as well as just time off to have fun and enjoy life.

You know sometimes we take it for granted this thing called life. We think we have all the time in the world so we turn to back things that we were rescued from and get ourselves stuck into the “pit” again and again.

What is the “pit” you wonder? It is the trap that we sometimes ensnare for ourselves. At first it is temptation leading to giving in to the sin. But if we are not serious about repentance, the telling to God that we are sorry and we turn away and will go back to Him, we get ourselves led back into falling again.

Falling and getting out. Repeat.

That struggle can be so discouraging. A person I know unfortunately has turned that way and ended up not in this world anymore. It’s sad to see someone that knew the truth be in a situation that they did not want to leave.

But our sin sometimes gets us in a loop.

I’ve been in that “loop” many times. Saying “I’m sorry God, forgive me…” then doing that deed again.

Sometimes we may get deeper, knowing that we shouldn’t but that want to turn from God is just too good, like a piece of your favorite dessert.

Then you partake and realize you are not satisfied. You can never be satisfied.

Yet it is so seemingly enjoyable to get into again… we’ll think maybe this time we will get it right and it will be so “good”!

But it never is. Why is that?

Because we live in a fallen world and we desire something but the thing that was our first want was to sin. After the fall of the world through one man who had the responsibility to say no there was sin that entered the world.

And sin is evil!

It is the world: it is all bad, it is fallen, the reason we have death and so much bad in this place here on earth.

But if you know Christ, should you keep heading down this path? As in getting into tons of stuff you shouldn’t?

Paul has said something about that. Should we keep sinning harshly just because we have a savior to turn to that will have God forgive us?

Yes or no?

What do you think?

I think that we are free to do what we want but if we want to serve God we have to realize we should make more decisions for the Lord.

That means though our sin nature fights it at times, we have to look to God in all circumstances if we want to serve Him.

A servant of Jesus should not be turning to ways of the world as a daily ritual. That makes our hearts unclean when they should be filled by the Holy Spirit.

That makes us less like a lover of Christ and more like a person of solitude because of sins.

Or a person that just wants to neglect all that God’s will has for them and will be provided to them.

That means not looking to other ways for truth and instead keeping your eyes on the mount and our feet firmly on solid ground. The ground of the Rock, the solid place of Jesus Christ.

We can continue on and live with prospering lives if we deny ourselves and seek His will. But God still does want us to make our own choices.

We don’t have to do that because God wants us to follow Him. There is no way but Jesus. God’s word says: Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

And Jesus made that way, did the penalty for us and our sin. He died on the cross, rose again, and lives in Heaven one day coming to do the final things this earth has yet to see.

Would you want your friends to fall into those days? I don’t think so. We should live as pure hearts of Jesus’ love, sacrifice our time, give our lives so that people would learn of the truth, and just be love to them.

Just showing love is the first step. How do you want to do it?

That is the one step where there is the undoing of sin. If your heart is clean because of forgiveness or because you show His love to others around you, what does that say to your life?

You are a new creation in Christ. Your old self died with Him on the cross. That person is now no longer a part of you… isn’t that exciting???

To have no more sin to account against you and make you dead to the world and to go to hell… because of Christ that is no longer a part of you.

Amen! We should share this news and love and mercy to others because He makes all things possible. And He will undo so much bad stuff in others lives as a result. It is His power. We must know that love can sweep it all away, move and change hearts, and give people a brand new purpose!

How sweet is that news?

Let’s as Christians (or if you are a new Christian or interested, message me on comments) see God undo the chains we sometimes let ourselves get shackled with and serve with lives pleasing to Him…






Honor the one who is everything-11/16/14

In church we are going over the book of Obadiah. Wow the parallels he briefly made with Edom and other countries reflect what is going on with us today as well. I hope we can get a deeper understanding of this book as well as explain the context which is a little more important as well.

Going to a Christmas bazaar at a Catholic church has always been both encouraging and also other things as well. One thing I noticed lately in the past years is the contests they have for the people. Anyone can sign up and apparently the workers like to attache their names to these raffles in hopes that they will win these games. Kind of sadly, many times they have. While people go and have fun and try to win many of the raffles and cash prizes there are workers who try to get into the contests and their names are called seemingly every year. I wonder what exactly their hearts are when they sign up.

Do they think that they “deserve” these gifts since they took the time to serve in the area? Have they felt that they must win because contests are fun? Or have they joined them just because they hoped to help bulk up any baskets that hadn’t many entries, they assumed?

I signed up a few tickets to one because I was hoping to give it as an early Christmas gift but that didn’t work out. Oh well. Next year if this tradition continues.

Now that I think of it I guess I was honoring my mother.

Let’s think of that word “honor.” When I was speaking of God’s “glory” I said that it meant exalted honor. What is “honor?”

According to an online dictionary loosely it means the state of being morally upright, honest, noble, virtuous, and magnanimous.

That sounds like something that cops or military would do. They would be morally grounded on what is right honest and be noble.

But I am talking about another definition.

Profound awe, respect of someone usually for being morally upright and/or competent.

Because of God we have been given many wonderful things like the endless creations on this earth, the air we breathe, and the people we have come to know and love.

But God commands us to witness and evangelize with others and sometimes we do not do what God wants though He deserves to be respected on that commandment.

If we do things for God because His word says so, it is like we are honoring Him. The Lord deserves everything we have to give for Him. His “competence” is that He gives us grace and the amazing ability to speak the gospel no matter how far or early our walk with Christ is.

Some people in countries like the one I live in have amazing blessings. So many luxuries at our fingertips but do we praise God for any of them? Sometimes not.

Therefore if we don’t think of God and what He has done for us, does that make us ungrateful. I think so.

Is that honoring Him?

You know I feel convicted by the many I grew up in the church with. Though it seems I have grown up only under the roof of a house of worship all my life, I have not been doing well all of those years. I feel that I have represented and feel responsible for, in a way, the people who I went to youth group with because I was not following the Lord all the time. And it seems a lot in my circle have fallen away from church.

Was I honoring God by not reading God’s Word and being “comfortable” where I was for a good amount of years? I think not.

I wish that I could keep close contact with many as some are in other parts of my country. I guess the sometimes only honorable thing to do is to pray for them. Also just to be involved outside of the church (something I used to be very uncomfortable about) and be a witness to people around me.

Another thing I hope both you and I do is be grounded in God’s Word the Holy Bible. That is where you really get to honor Him because you get to discern more of what He wants for you and to know Christ’s heart to grow in Him more.

We are as princes and princesses to the King of all Kings Jesus Christ.

What an honor! To be considered a part of God’s plan and be loved and be blessed by Him. Also it is amazing to know that God doesn’t need us to be part of His kingdom but He wants us. He really likes us! He wants us to know Him more so we can, as in a relationship, become close and journey on in this world together with Him.

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we can access the God who should be everything in our lives. He should be all we could ever need or want. God should be the one who is everything to us so that we are grateful to share Him.

Do you want to help lead people to Heaven? Then honor God by doing this commandment of telling others how good God personally has been to you… and maybe He will honor you with a reward the day you stand in Heaven.

Let’s all be like ones together, united in His love, bound to His will, and serve Jesus the wondrous Christ with all our hearts ’till He comes! Amen.