Quick Quip- A Pit 3/11/19

A good chunk of this sprang from reading a book that my church has been getting into lately by a great writer. Maybe in a future post I will speak about this and the other book we covered that is about the Christian life but how we might get the wrong idea about how to live it.

Believe it or not but just moments ago I was feeling like I was in almost a pit of despair. For some time now, depression and complicated things in my life were feeling like they had power in tearing me down.

It wasn’t until I found a glimpse of a purpose; I saw someone I never thought of to pray for and feel like that began to open my eyes. I realized that the person had little to no self-worth and prayed they would find that in God. It didn’t strike me that something that was seeming self-seething banter was actually not that but a real reflection to how he saw himself.

It seemed that God has done this with me a few times maybe more. Where I had to feel lower than usual to realize that God wanted me to see HE was doing the work and not me! Too often I thought to live for God but telling others about Christ felt almost like a burden or something that would be too difficult. As my pastor has once said all as believers are called to tell and testify of Christ but there are some who think of this as a chore or with the wrong attitude.

For a while now I have also felt like I have a burden toward certain people and though I don’t exactly know the know-how to speak and reach these people in Jesus’ name effectively yet, I will still at least strive towards that as well as want to share the gospel with the people around me.

I hope that you reader will realize something greater than this life seems to offer. Sometimes life has to get us into a pit before we find out there is a way out and a path in life that is greater than we would ever expect. I hope in Jesus that He shows you the way as well.


Quick Quip- Do you love?

I was just reading a book speaking and defending Christ and the Holy Bible versus a cult group. It is a common cult began around the 19th century and is still common to this day. It has got me wondering, do I love people around me?

I mean as in a person commanded by God, do I really care if I avoid witnessing? Too often is it easy to avoid something if one doesn’t come across teasing, spiritual attack at times, and even serious persecution. But the Lord has commanded us.

I think of so many people even ones I have contact with on a daily basis. Do I really love them if I avoid sharing during at least one moment Christ to them? It’s worth it even with all the name-calling and negative responses I might get.

In my country a lot of Christians avoid talking about God because its too easy but ones should think of this. Do you want all the people you don’t know if they know Jesus to go to hell? I think not!

If we don’t we should all love first… then pray and depend on the Holy Spirit as the Word will help us with the rest. Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… it’s all good to the great God who is love.



Preview: Whats to Come!

Hi sorry for the preview instead of a full article. I just wanted to tell you hopes that are going on for this site and you guys deserve to know what’s coming.

Content-wise I have learned to only put on family-oriented film reviews on here or at the least films that a Christian audience would see. No rated R films on here!!! I made the mistake of putting on other reviews (well one anyway) and I couldn’t help but realize it threw off the balance of my blog. Early blog readers, that’s why that review is gone just to let you know!

Anyway I was digressing a little… I told people of this a while ago that I would do a movie series. Well that movie series is the Left Behind movie trilogy! While not every movie is totally great (the first film decided not to share a message. Why? Just because people that didn’t know the Lord would see it?? Did they not understand the reason for the movie?) but it is still better probably than the Nic Cage version. Note: I bought that version at a 7-11 and STILL have not watched it. I just hope it’s worth the 3.99 and not nixing the 3, haha! Just kidding. Was an exaggeration but I don’t remember the price, anyway….!

I will soon post a blog article on blessings. I rarely do drafts before posting online but it started that way for this case (also happened for “Tight and Secure” too!) so hope to finish it.

And there is one more tri-book review. This one under a completely different theme. Well kind of like the ones about the fiction thriller and the true story autobiography of the young woman who ended up knowing Christ, like that!

Hope everyone has a good day!






Blog Entry-6/3/16

A close family of mine has just had a terrible tragedy. I have grown up with them almost all my life and a main member died a traumatic way. They need prayers of comfort and love revealed during this time.

Well these two days I feel like have been as long as a year! A time of growth and tragedy, a time to try to move on and mature, just so much going on.

It started on Wednesday. My brothers were planning on going to a bar in Philly and perform for Open Mic. I was getting ready to tell someone I knew from the past about how well I was doing when I was devastated by news.

The death. No one saw it coming. I worried and sent a message then called the family member that made the post. We cried as we talked. Then I told members I was planning to see them as soon as I could the next day… it was horrible to not see them, even panic because they were going through this and I felt like I could only do this stupid show!

I thought I was helpless with this music thing and had to leave it up to God for the moment. Boy, that was so tough.

I hurt for this family… I loved the mother like my own…


After knocking some sense into some people about what had happened (haha, just kidding guys, hope you’re not reading this!) they wanted to comfort me. They were worried like crazy about an entertainment show at a place far from here that they had hoped to go to and then found out about the death.

They realized immediately how serious it was.

While I was gathering my bearings I made them some breakfast. Was surprised I fed myself but I had to get some nourishment.

Making coffee then toast with some peanut butter, honey and sunflower seeds. I also gave the two people (one my bro!) a hard-boiled egg each since they hadn’t eaten yet.

After a slow, agonizing few hours we eventually got to do a quick rundown of our songs.

Then we headed out to get to the Septa travelling, just the two bros and I!

Getting there it was so awesome to see in person a guy there leading the Open Mic (and he also was playing songs for the people there with his well-known band). I hope he will be alright and care about him a lot.

We got to perform and again we had sound issues. Oh well… I have got to learn to get right into the mic, almost kiss it when I sing (haha!).

Anyway awesome bands played. Indie music is pretty awesome. I thought one big highlight was FLNG. They played awesome! Also I got to talk to Rob McCall. He was doing some great stuff and after it was all over we walked most of the way toward our Subway destination and chatted with him.

I told him that my one bro and I had this band years ago. We just until recently had never even played a note, hahaha!

Then I told him stuff as to why I wasn’t able to go to all Open Mics and he said, that is great. I was involved in ministry at my church.

He saw us off and we said good bye. Then we headed home. Oh yeah just because I was being silly I thought before we got there to write on my knuckles, a “tattoo” as it were.

People that know me know what the subject was. Rabbits!

I put on the eight fingers “I heart bunny” then an outline of a bunny face. I am weird, if you don’t know that you don’t know me, hahahaha!

Anyway I got home, ate and went to bed.

Then I got to see the family the next day….


Well it’s just crazy how drastic life can be at times. None of us can get used to it but we always have to adjust. It’s sometimes hard, very hard but you and I can find the strength to carry on if you have faith. Thank God if you know Him!


Some tips for Moviemakers-Video by YT

Just saw this and I think it’s perfect for anyone who needs tips on crafting good films. Because of this video I got an idea on a way to punch up a script I hadn’t put down yet. He says about avoiding cliché like having the first scene be the character waking up. This can be a good idea if used right (if it’s integral to the story) but if it is only because it’s the beginning it shouldn’t have to happen.

Before I show this video I want to give you my tips (some might already be in the vid but still) if you want read it. One. If you want to make a good film story or transfer a short-story you’ve written into one you must show visuals and make them a little more important than dialogue scenes. People love dialogue but if yours isn’t that interesting or goes on too long people will not stay invested in anything else you have to say. Two. Avoid putting in scenes that are not important. Because pacing is key to keeping the rhythm of a film and if you don’t keep it well-balanced again you will lose your audience.

Okay it’s all I can think of right now. I only think of this stuff because of hours of watching behind-the-scenes features of films and also hearing  audio commentaries. If you haven’t done that before and you want advice, it is great stuff to check out!

Wow, everything I said is in some way in the video. This has loads more tips though so check it out!!!

Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

And to let you guys know, sorry I have still to make more articles this year. I started one and will scrap it because it isn’t as informative as I expect it to be so that one might not happen. (though the one I hinted of last is not the one I’m planning on excising. It was a draft a few weeks back, so the one I spoke of might occur soon!)

I plan on making at least a film review (maybe even covering a trilogy!) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Take care and God bless!



Happy Harvest Day!

Hope Christians everywhere will want to or encourage this type of wonderful new tradition in any way they can. It is a spiritual alternative to the Satanic traditions that happen the 31st of every normal October.



Happy Harvest Day

seek some time to know your Jesus

then go out and tell the Word

…or with loved ones go and play


Happy loving day

Tell the ones you know of Jesus

Pray as God will go and change

or just simply smile and wave


Happy growing day

Everyone that comes’ a challenge

so Prepare for the big Harvest

and wait expectantly in the day.


Happy going day

try to make all moments special

Jesus loves you and your friends

Let the Lord just lead the way….!


~* Before the Lord comes let’s prepare and lead others toward His good. In His “goodness” I say Happy Harvest to you! *~


In My Heart

I have noticed some heavy spiritual attack within my church community. People want to live for God and there was some chaos and heartbreak going on this past week. I hope that you even while you may be hurting that you will always feel encouraged by the One or know that Jesus loves you still. Jesus loves even you now matter what you are going or have gone through.


This is an original song that I hope you will enjoy reading the lyrics of and may you feel  encouraged to know of hope and love.



With Jesus (Written 2008)

With Jesus there is hope and tomorrow

With Jesus there’re no tears and no sorrow

With Jesus… will He fail on you? The answer is no.


With Jesus there’s protection and safety

With Jesus forever He is with thee

With Jesus He knows the way because He is your King.


With Jesus there is hope and tomorrow

With Jesus there’re no tears and no sorrow

With Jesus… will He fail on you? The answer is no.


With Jesus there’s protection and safety

With Jesus forever He is with thee

With Jesus He knows the way because He is your King.


The King of Kings.