Quick Quip- Do you love?

I was just reading a book speaking and defending Christ and the Holy Bible versus a cult group. It is a common cult began around the 19th century and is still common to this day. It has got me wondering, do I love people around me?

I mean as in a person commanded by God, do I really care if I avoid witnessing? Too often is it easy to avoid something if one doesn’t come across teasing, spiritual attack at times, and even serious persecution. But the Lord has commanded us.

I think of so many people even ones I have contact with on a daily basis. Do I really love them if I avoid sharing during at least one moment Christ to them? It’s worth it even with all the name-calling and negative responses I might get.

In my country a lot of Christians avoid talking about God because its too easy but ones should think of this. Do you want all the people you don’t know if they know Jesus to go to hell? I think not!

If we don’t we should all love first… then pray and depend on the Holy Spirit as the Word will help us with the rest. Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… it’s all good to the great God who is love.




Sin Undone-6/5/16

I have too much of a busy schedule, it feels like to me. I am grateful to work but sometimes I can’t even rest. I’ve got work on the weekends and plus at church I couldn’t even stay because of duties so I had to up and exit the sanctuary. I hope this all doesn’t overwhelm me! Sigh*~


Hello. I hope you have had a relaxing Memorial Day of reflection as well as just time off to have fun and enjoy life.

You know sometimes we take it for granted this thing called life. We think we have all the time in the world so we turn to back things that we were rescued from and get ourselves stuck into the “pit” again and again.

What is the “pit” you wonder? It is the trap that we sometimes ensnare for ourselves. At first it is temptation leading to giving in to the sin. But if we are not serious about repentance, the telling to God that we are sorry and we turn away and will go back to Him, we get ourselves led back into falling again.

Falling and getting out. Repeat.

That struggle can be so discouraging. A person I know unfortunately has turned that way and ended up not in this world anymore. It’s sad to see someone that knew the truth be in a situation that they did not want to leave.

But our sin sometimes gets us in a loop.

I’ve been in that “loop” many times. Saying “I’m sorry God, forgive me…” then doing that deed again.

Sometimes we may get deeper, knowing that we shouldn’t but that want to turn from God is just too good, like a piece of your favorite dessert.

Then you partake and realize you are not satisfied. You can never be satisfied.

Yet it is so seemingly enjoyable to get into again… we’ll think maybe this time we will get it right and it will be so “good”!

But it never is. Why is that?

Because we live in a fallen world and we desire something but the thing that was our first want was to sin. After the fall of the world through one man who had the responsibility to say no there was sin that entered the world.

And sin is evil!

It is the world: it is all bad, it is fallen, the reason we have death and so much bad in this place here on earth.

But if you know Christ, should you keep heading down this path? As in getting into tons of stuff you shouldn’t?

Paul has said something about that. Should we keep sinning harshly just because we have a savior to turn to that will have God forgive us?

Yes or no?

What do you think?

I think that we are free to do what we want but if we want to serve God we have to realize we should make more decisions for the Lord.

That means though our sin nature fights it at times, we have to look to God in all circumstances if we want to serve Him.

A servant of Jesus should not be turning to ways of the world as a daily ritual. That makes our hearts unclean when they should be filled by the Holy Spirit.

That makes us less like a lover of Christ and more like a person of solitude because of sins.

Or a person that just wants to neglect all that God’s will has for them and will be provided to them.

That means not looking to other ways for truth and instead keeping your eyes on the mount and our feet firmly on solid ground. The ground of the Rock, the solid place of Jesus Christ.

We can continue on and live with prospering lives if we deny ourselves and seek His will. But God still does want us to make our own choices.

We don’t have to do that because God wants us to follow Him. There is no way but Jesus. God’s word says: Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

And Jesus made that way, did the penalty for us and our sin. He died on the cross, rose again, and lives in Heaven one day coming to do the final things this earth has yet to see.

Would you want your friends to fall into those days? I don’t think so. We should live as pure hearts of Jesus’ love, sacrifice our time, give our lives so that people would learn of the truth, and just be love to them.

Just showing love is the first step. How do you want to do it?

That is the one step where there is the undoing of sin. If your heart is clean because of forgiveness or because you show His love to others around you, what does that say to your life?

You are a new creation in Christ. Your old self died with Him on the cross. That person is now no longer a part of you… isn’t that exciting???

To have no more sin to account against you and make you dead to the world and to go to hell… because of Christ that is no longer a part of you.

Amen! We should share this news and love and mercy to others because He makes all things possible. And He will undo so much bad stuff in others lives as a result. It is His power. We must know that love can sweep it all away, move and change hearts, and give people a brand new purpose!

How sweet is that news?

Let’s as Christians (or if you are a new Christian or interested, message me on comments) see God undo the chains we sometimes let ourselves get shackled with and serve with lives pleasing to Him…





Tight and Secure- 5/11/16

It is nearly late, almost 5/12 so this might be inaccurate in a moment. Lately I have been going through tough stuff due to my disability. I was having tough things go on like  flashbacks and I nearly let fear and anxiety almost overwhelm me. I am getting better praise God and as long I look to Him in all ways, I can no longer feel discouraged. Praise God for Him and all the things He has taught me and so many others. Thank you Jesus.

Isn’t it tough to trust in God?

Let me rephrase that: isn’t it tough to trust in God because of our sin nature?

Sometimes doubt, being unhappy about our current state, depression, and loneliness get to us…. but none of those things are ideas the Lord gives us.

We can get wrapped in our own world, forgetting about the things that He has told us through His Word and from His people: that He’s always there, He knows the future, and He can meet us where we struggle. And we can trust in Him.

We can do that by holding fast as it says in the book of Philippians.

We are ensured the ability to be blessed by whatever we do for Him. God can do amazing things right now if you want to live for Jesus.

If one wants to live for Jesus what does one do? Well first of all, we have to remember that Christ died for our sin, that we cannot do anything in our power to be in Heaven because it was God that paid for it, not us.

It is God who shows us the way and we just simply need to accept His son into our hearts and we can believe and trust in Him. If we believe then we can be in Heaven because of God’s gift to us.

It was His great love that sent Him to the cross for our punishment. Jesus then rose again and is one day coming back.

There is hope and that is found in Jesus.


So the words “hold fast”… I had wondered what that meant.

In the book of Philippians Paul addresses a church that has been disagreeing on certain things. He was wrote letters to the church of “Philippi” to tell them to be of one mind, a body of believers because they make up the body of Christ.

This group of people is united because of God’s love and Christ’s intercession for their sin. The church was fighting over differences in beliefs but what does God say? His word is true. We should know that always because sometimes our hearts even want to change what God says is true.

This kind of thing has been happening everywhere and even in the church today. It’s unfortunate but that is why defending what God says is important when talking to others about Him.

We live in a day and age that is vastly drifting from God and His love. Why are people doing this? Because their hearts are turning from Him.

We must not feel afraid if we want to share God’s Word with others but we must also do it with the right heart. We must stay grounded on God’s Word which is true, not take in the world’s values just to increase member numbers and just simply show the love of Jesus to each other.

Church love is great, I gotta tell ya. When I first came to a new church I wondered why people were so loving toward one another. I was eight and around then just accepted Christ. But as I grew more spiritually and saw that the lifeblood of the church was the “people” and not the “building” I couldn’t get enough of learning about Jesus. I have experienced times of great frustration, things that were going on in my life, and realized I could just give it up to God. I would go through so much some days but I would learn to be more like Christ every day.

A lot of this was because of a wonderful church of people holding onto the Word of truth and living in Christ.

We as a church must hold fast the word of life… but what does that mean?

“Hold fast” means to remain tightly secured.

I thought about a board and a drill fastens a screw into it. The board which is sturdy strong, built well (thank you God, hehe), and keeps that screw held on well.

That strong piece of wood ain’t going to let that screw go anywhere, as long as it doesn’t get removed by the drill for whatever reason. It is fastened there: firm, strong, and can’t be undone.

But sometimes we think “But what if God can’t impact my life?” or “What if these things happening right now are going on because there is no God?”

I say quench that thought from your mind and realize that He is in your heart today!

Sometimes Satan gets us into a corner. But sometimes it is us that makes us doubt and our hearts stray. Sometimes we do this by depending on what we feel (“I’m depressed… can I ever love?) and we crowd our minds with nonsense.

Circumstances also have us feel we should disregard God’s truths. But don’t be discouraged, you have a wonderful God by your side, and Jesus who can help you see a future in Him. Just trust obey, live it out and seek His truth.

Also share the Word with others, and don’t let discouraging words or verbal abuse get you down. Did you know you are blessed when that happens? Because you are like a screw fixed in a firm piece of wood, holding on to His truth.

Once you have Jesus in your life you are secure in Him and nothing you do can separate you from Him. God gave us Jesus to open the door to a relationship to Him.

His Word helps us and talking to Him can do wonderful things you might not see at the moment but, baby, if you’ve done it in the right heart God answers prayer you may not right now believe!

Remain tightly secure in what God says, what you want to do for Him and He can secure you a future. Amen.



The Best For You

I had to have a serious talk with someone today. I know that even Christians feel discouraged and they just want to have a real chat with people sometimes.


Did you know that it is good if God’s Word affects you whatever way it does? Sometimes it makes us realize our life is not honoring the One who loves us or encourages us to make decisions for Him. We have got to know that it is good to not be “comfortable” in this world.

If you know Christ and you know all He has done for you, you have to make your life and decide things to live for Him (sorry I am trying to think of a Chronicle of Narnia movie where Lucy said it was time for them to “prove themselves to Him” meaning Aslan. It is a fairly good example. Aslan is symbolic of Jesus).

Some people think to follow Jesus or to accept Him they may have a gigantic commitment as a result. They might think they right away have a burden or that they have to lose everything they like to follow Him.

Some might be saying “What? I can’t have fun?” You can always find happiness in things like friends and making relationships. But to really live you must realize the joy that Christ has given you and know that all He wants is for you to live for Him in His good ways.

There are many who disagree with the Gospel of Christ (I don’t want to give examples). And there are many who think “God shouldn’t care about whether I ______ or not!” We have got to know that we are in a world of sin. This is a world that has turned itself upside down. Whether we think what people do is wrong or not we should at least acknowledge that some acts are at least at some degree “wrong.”

There are struggles that we can experience every day. To give up doing sins and asking for forgiveness after confessing (admitting to God) sins is good. We can do that and know that God’s mercy is available always during those moments.

But in this world people will even say to talk about certain things within the church is wrong (the “hate” law is practiced in huge states like New York where they will not allow churches who were once free to talk about the Gospel to not talk at all about certain lifestyles. So much for the freedom of religion). What people in this world must realize that God wants the best for us.

God cares for us. God cares for all people. He only says in His word some things that some may think is surprising (I can’t think of a good word) is because His word will set us on a path we can only get on through His Son Jesus Christ.

It is good to follow the path of the straight and narrow which is walking with Jesus.

Sometimes to be stuck in sin you may feel that you do not want to come to the light or goodness that is God. You may think that “if I keep doing what I like to do than I am comfortable in not thinking of the truth.” God’s Word whether it hits us hard or makes us feel comforted is truth. God is the God of all Comfort and He is just in what He wants for us.

People in this world think that “God should not care about things in this life” that Christians think is “wrong” or against His Word which is the bible. Well if that is true then Jesus came into this world to do nothing. We all have sin! Whether you think what people say about the sin it is sin. People who live in relationships that are not appropriate (I am saying any kinds of sexuality. Including heterosexual) should at least know that there is more to this life than that. There is the love of God who wants us to just follow Him and seek His ways.

Okay. I lived in that type of world! The world is not a great place to be. I know that God would not want people to get into acts and things that could break His heart. There is no way that I can find a future in that and I want Jesus to guide the way in my life. God wants us to treat our bodies like temples to not hurt it in any physical way and to be ones who can have the One in our hearts. I have experienced a miracle in my life that only God can explain!

I seek the Lord Jesus to find a future to my life. Maybe even have a wife one day! I know that through Him there are amazing mysteries that Christ can reveal to people things that are impossible apart from Him that can let people know He is there for them.


He gives wisdom through His word when people need it (try it! It really happens). God gives grace and things that are good because He wants you to want to know Him more. He wants there to be a relationship with Him. One where you are free to tell Him all of your pains, take your burdens, and just love you and help you through things of life.

He wants the Best for You (for He knows the ways that He thinks toward your life. He has thoughts of peace and does not have plans of evil to give you a future and a hope). He loves you… Just because you feel that God is not true does not mean His love is not really there.

His love is there. You just have to believe it!


–(What Jesus did on the cross was not in vain. Jesus died and had all sin on Him laid so that we would not go to hell. He died and rose again because He has conquered death so that you may live forever in Heaven with Him!).–


If Jesus came into a world that did not have sin than He had no reason to do what had been planned.


The Bright Morning Star

(I wish I had a beautiful picture to put as the front for this article. I can just imagine the morning sun as it rises and gives life to the sky. Oh well . . .).

There is a popular song by a group called Linkin Park about the sun. It seems to be about the world but what I want to draw attention to is the lyric “The sun it sets for you.”

Now thinking about how the sun gives us life and helps things grow and is needed every moment of our lives (it even makes the moon glow!) is the sun “setting” a good image concerning God’s love for us?

I think ironically it is a good image of the world’s selfishness and what the world thinks is right. I feel it is symbolic of what the world thinks is good while the one we may know of rings true in light.

As a matter of fact, the sun rising is something that has always moved me. There is something so beautiful about being up in the morning and seeing the day “waking up” for the first time.

As Jesus comes closer, we must realize that the He, son of God is the bright and morning star. . .

In church I and the congregation have been exploring the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ (that is what my bible calls the book of “Revelations.”). We have been going over verses in chapter 19 and the things we learned struck a chord with me.

In this book John has future events revealed to Him through God. He is given the task of telling people the things to come like God’s wrath and the end of days including the great tribulation.

It says in Revelation Chapter 19, verse 11-13:

Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him WAS called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes WERE like a flame of fire, and on His head WERE many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.

This section of verses is very intriguing. I liked how the pastor made a point about the last section (verse 13) and said the blood in this verse is NOT talking about redemptive blood. It is not in this case about the blood that Christ gave to forgive our sins, rather it is for God’s wrath. It is basically the opposite, in a way.

Jesus has always been the ruler of authority. This though is the case where He will come back to earth and rule earth for a long time. His power and majesty demonstrate His authority (it said in one of my pastor’s notes).

Jesus is right to judge this world. By this time it will be that Jesus will have sovereign judgment on a wicked world.

Now. . . one reason I felt to post these things on here is that I have seen God’s moving in my life. I kind of fear that the reason there is so much out pouring of God in my life with things He has shown me through His Word and by the Holy Spirit is because these really are the last days. I only fear this because there are so many people I want to share Jesus with and I hope they will know Him before this time comes.

If these are the final days (or minutes if He comes before I do anything after this post) I hope you, reader, come to know Him.

I hope that God will rule your life and that He will shine upon your face. It says in part of Revelation 22:16 that Jesus calls Himself the “Bright and Morning Star.”

May you, if you do not know of Him the knowledge of God, hear the word of God. I hope that you will not know too late of what Jesus has done for you.

Did you know that you have sin? I know that we all do. Even if you do not know that you sin I hope you realize what sin is and that you do have it. It says in Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

Sin is the things that we do, say, or think that do not please God. Thinking of examples of each action will make it clear for you.

Do you curse or have you ever cursed? Do you ever have thoughts about other people that you are ashamed of? They are examples of sin.

Well sin keeps us from being with God in Heaven and He does not like that we are separated from Him. That means that we are bound to go to hell if we do not know a crucial fact.

Well God, because He loved us and wants us to know Him, sent His Son Jesus who was the perfect sacrifice. He was perfect and that was why He died and bled on the cross so that we would have our sins forgiven. He took the punishment we deserved and died so that we would not have to go to hell. He died and rose again. That means that Jesus lives! He lives and He wants us to know Him so that we would trust in Him and be with His Father one day.

Now if you never did that you should turn your heart to Jesus. You must know that this world can never save you; only Jesus can and that if you confess to God you are a sinner, you believe what Jesus did on the cross, and if you choose to trust in His son Jesus Christ you might become saved. If you meant it with all your heart then you will be saved and the angels are celebrating in Heaven! Welcome to the Godly flock, brother or sister!

Know that this world is not good to depend on or live by its ways but that Christ wants you to live the righteous way. He wants us to live the only good way to live because He is love and He gave us life. Like the sun is to the trees we must nourish the Son’s ways like they are life itself.

We must know what is good because if we don’t . . . the world quickly tries to let us believe it itself is good.

Live like God and shine His light today!


Give more to God. You cannot “outgive” Him.

I have been seeing things in my life lately that I think are evidence of spiritual growth. I am amazed at what God has been doing in my life and it amazes me to know that He is doing this (and I don’t deserve it)!

But one thing has made me challenge my faith in God lately. . . and that is if I give enough of my life to Him.

I have been feeling like I have been unfair to God that when I go out and serve God in this special teaching thing with children (that is NOW over!) before I leave I read His Word. I have made it that it is the only chance that I read the Bible.  I noticed that during the other days of the week I would find it seemingly impossible to read His word or just merely have time set aside to do it!

But there is a twist to that! I CAN afford to make the time. . . it is just that I made myself believe that television shows and other activities get in the way.

I realized that and prayed to the Lord about it. I said that I know that the amount of time I do spend with Him He does appreciate. . . but I feel I haven’t appreciated Him to bring more of Him into my life.

I need to give God more time by reading His Word and praying more. Plus I need to have Him use me more. . . because these chances I got to serve Him were not going to last forever!

I still need to while I had that “territory” to proclaim the word of God to head to my own territory. . . to my own house, to my neighbors, and to others and shine God’s light to show them that He loves them so.

One saying that a church member said about serving God has stuck with me for a few years. She made a point about telling people about the Bible and said how much God uses it. She said how we are free to share as much as we want.

And she said: You can’t “outgive” God.

What did she mean about this?

That God’s faithfulness and love is available today and always! That He loves us so much and that He wants us who know Him to let other people know that.

It says in God’s Word: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).

Does that mean some of the world? Does that mean only church members? Yes right!!—–

Well maybe you have been unintentionally feeling that way but that is not true! We live in a world (especially us in America) that when things go well and it is up to us to tell people the Gospel we may think our way out of it. Or we think, “People will think I am silly if I tell them about Jesus.”

Well guess what? If we do not speak about the One to the world it is like we are in the world.

I think we should be thought of as “silly” in a way. Hey. Normal is not a good thing. 😛

But if we get rejected by the world and persecuted maybe it could bring people to see that “light” in your heart because you are not like everyone else. Maybe someone could see you as an example for someone who follows God.

Be an example tonight. Give out for God. Let Him know how much you appreciate Him. Tell your children a bible story before they go to bed. Pray to God and ask Him to be glorified in your life. Love the Lord!

And maybe God will one day thank you that you gave so much for Him. . .


God answered a question I hadn’t known for years!

You know, I really learned something in bible class today at church! I was pondering something I wanted to do for the Lord for a long time (count it- about seven years!) but was torn between the good and bad things about it. For a long while I wanted to make a specific movie project. I hoped to make an original film and specifically wanted it to be a PG-13 movie (I did not want it to be the “corny” modern G or PG rated film here in America. . . I wanted it to target a certain audience). I should have noticed the red flag right there that while it would be a movie for the Lord I purposely wanted it to have inappropriate scenes. There is one scene that comes to mind but I do not want to veer this blog away from “pleasant” material which is what I want this blog to have. So let’s just say it was a remark that was crude and made fun of the human body. While funny as it would have been (and it would have been perfect for the idea I was trying to satirize) I realize that, satire or not, it would not be good for God.

When one makes a film for the Lord they have to look out for a lot of factors if they want it to be fit for people who need the Lord. . . and one thing that should not be in it should be visual or gratuitous (meaning pointless) references to sexual immorality.

For years I have fought mentally with whether or not this would be a great film idea and weighed the pros and cons about the project (the cons at one point made me abandon the whole idea at that time back in 2005) and eventually I wanted to make it again. I wanted to get this story together. . . but I felt that I should look closely to what God wants me to do concerning this.

Who knew besides God that I would have gotten the answer today?

In Ephesians chapter 5 of the Holy Bible (especially in verses 3 to 4) Paul was speaking to the church of Ephesus about ways to completely honor God. He spoke to the faithful and people who wanted to follow what God wanted for their lives. The problem was there were people in the church who were preaching the news of Jesus Christ but living immoral lives. There is a word for that and in most cases this is possible to avoid; it is called being a hypocrite.

Paul was encouraged by God to tell ones who wanted to serve God how terrible it was to have sexual impurities while telling people how to live a godly life.

It says in parts of verse 2 (then to verse 3) to “walk in love, as Christ also has loved us. . . (be) an offering for God a sweet-smelling aroma. But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as it fitting for saints; (Verse 4) neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

One version that was read this morning spoke to me. . . it said “Let there not be a hint of sexual immorality in you” and let there not be basically crude talking.

My thoughts that this movie which would have purposely made fun of sinful nature but in a sometimes vulgar way would not be good for a work for the Lord. As funny as that humor may seem it there would be no real reason that it should be there.

This week I feel my eyes are opened to what the Lord has in store for me. I feel that as long as I honor God I will be able to see fruit in my life and see what He wants in my life.

Do you “smell sweet?” Do you have a pleasant aroma that God can easily use for His will so people can enter His kingdom and be saved?

If you do not have a godly lifestyle pray about it and especially if you do not know Christ you must know that you need Jesus. Following Jesus is so awesome! I have never regretted living for Him.

But you must ask Jesus to be your savior if you want a relationship with Him. For example praying that you are a sinner and can do nothing to be saved or to go to Heaven you need Jesus. You must believe what Jesus did on the cross and then choose to follow His ways and trust in Him. If you prayed that prayer (or will tonight) the moment you do the angels in Heaven are rejoicing because now there is a new person who truly is one of God’s children and will be in Heaven one day.

Living for God has been an enlightening experience.

I have seen amazing things happen in my life and I know that so much of it came after I looked to God’s wisdom. He gets credit to all the wonderful things and results that have happened in my life!

Jesus who took the cross and died for my sin and rose again lives in my heart and I see some of the things that He does every day.

And today was no exception. I wanted to be answered this question for years. . . which was: “Is this movie project appropriate for the Lord?” 

And I got burdened by God’s Word to realize the answer is “No.” Though that is the answer I don’t feel sad that I have to say goodbye to this idea. God needs to be heard and when that word of the Lord is nicely “peppered” with big bits of humor, who’s attention does the listener become turned toward in this case? The speaker maybe? Not God.

God should be heard not I. I know that living this life for Jesus He must increase (be more like Jesus) and I must decrease every day. The word of God and the message of His son has shown me the place that is good that I must follow.

Thank you Jesus for showing me where to look.