Quick Quip- A Pit 3/11/19

A good chunk of this sprang from reading a book that my church has been getting into lately by a great writer. Maybe in a future post I will speak about this and the other book we covered that is about the Christian life but how we might get the wrong idea about how to live it.

Believe it or not but just moments ago I was feeling like I was in almost a pit of despair. For some time now, depression and complicated things in my life were feeling like they had power in tearing me down.

It wasn’t until I found a glimpse of a purpose; I saw someone I never thought of to pray for and feel like that began to open my eyes. I realized that the person had little to no self-worth and prayed they would find that in God. It didn’t strike me that something that was seeming self-seething banter was actually not that but a real reflection to how he saw himself.

It seemed that God has done this with me a few times maybe more. Where I had to feel lower than usual to realize that God wanted me to see HE was doing the work and not me! Too often I thought to live for God but telling others about Christ felt almost like a burden or something that would be too difficult. As my pastor has once said all as believers are called to tell and testify of Christ but there are some who think of this as a chore or with the wrong attitude.

For a while now I have also felt like I have a burden toward certain people and though I don’t exactly know the know-how to speak and reach these people in Jesus’ name effectively yet, I will still at least strive towards that as well as want to share the gospel with the people around me.

I hope that you reader will realize something greater than this life seems to offer. Sometimes life has to get us into a pit before we find out there is a way out and a path in life that is greater than we would ever expect. I hope in Jesus that He shows you the way as well.


Quick Quip-Restoration

Sometimes God will do things beyond what we expect. I even think of my testimony where God had transformed a part of my life that I thought only I could do (or at least try to succeed at it- I failed) and He did the impossible because of the change I had through Jesus Christ.

But actually God can if you know Him do things you can’t expect. He can restore Your life if you live for Him! But not everything is instant in happening in your life though; in fact sometimes you have to wait on Him for certain things (while that happens, build up your character in Christ) but it will be worth it.

I have not reached certain parts of my life I hope to achieve yet. I thought I was going to be married to someone, have kids, etc. but a lot of things in life got in the way (mainly my fault). In church just this past week, all I could think of was that I probably had a few things to give up: things I needed to bring to God and lay the burden on Christ (mainly using bad language even when I’m alone. I don’t like to admit that). But up until then I was seeing God doing many things in my life leading me up to Sunday and felt the tugging in my life. That was when I poured my heart out to Him in tears praying I will live for Him with all my heart. I want to give my all to Him.

I wasn’t going to just only give up little things while other things I knew were not good would just be like a hobby. I wasn’t going to half-“donkey” it. (You know what word I mean by that….). No but instead I feel that I should give back to the Lord, everything as much as I realized the day I was completely transformed by Christ.

Even believers need to be refreshed in the spirit and be restored to what God wants them to be at that point in their life. This is not saying that in one day you will be pretty much 100% like Christ (that is where sanctification comes in. Also it’s a process only we will never be perfect, not until we are gone from this earth).

I was reading a devotion by Max Lucado recently and one thing caught my eye. The title for that day was “A Complete Restoration” (just to note I wasn’t going in order like one would normally with devotional stuff like this). It says that God “has” to change us. If we aren’t changed by Him what can He do in your life? He must take down walls of hatred and replace them and other things with His goodness. We need to be transformed and restored or else what can we be when it comes to showing the light of Christ so that others can seek Him?

Quick Quip- More than just a Fan

Some churches have a strange agenda. They think it’s a good idea to take in people unchanged by the gospel and then have them a part of the ministry. This is only to increase numbers and to also tell people on the outside that “Hey, we are not like those judgemental church people. We’re the cool ones!” But what they don’t realize is how dangerous that is.

What is the point of the gospel? It is the good news!

It is where the holy spirit after initially saving someone eternally they will then try to learn grow in that life and be changed from the inside out. But some churches like I previously referred to act like they are more of a fan club. They only skim a person’s comfort zone like they are hoping the person will be okay and be on their side.

Doing that is not only halting Christ’s kingdom but is not lasting in the long run. There is a huge difference with having something like a fanclub which can easily end in a month but an eternity is forever no matter where a soul ends up going. Heaven or hell.

I choose to be more than just a fan. This is for me and the people around us not because I’m “judgemental” as people would accuse but because what God’s word says is in contrast to what we may expect but it is also beneficial if we want to go to heaven and also here guide people who will disciple others in leading them towards Jesus.

Quick Quip- Do you love?

I was just reading a book speaking and defending Christ and the Holy Bible versus a cult group. It is a common cult began around the 19th century and is still common to this day. It has got me wondering, do I love people around me?

I mean as in a person commanded by God, do I really care if I avoid witnessing? Too often is it easy to avoid something if one doesn’t come across teasing, spiritual attack at times, and even serious persecution. But the Lord has commanded us.

I think of so many people even ones I have contact with on a daily basis. Do I really love them if I avoid sharing during at least one moment Christ to them? It’s worth it even with all the name-calling and negative responses I might get.

In my country a lot of Christians avoid talking about God because its too easy but ones should think of this. Do you want all the people you don’t know if they know Jesus to go to hell? I think not!

If we don’t we should all love first… then pray and depend on the Holy Spirit as the Word will help us with the rest. Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… it’s all good to the great God who is love.



Sin Undone-6/5/16

I have too much of a busy schedule, it feels like to me. I am grateful to work but sometimes I can’t even rest. I’ve got work on the weekends and plus at church I couldn’t even stay because of duties so I had to up and exit the sanctuary. I hope this all doesn’t overwhelm me! Sigh*~


Hello. I hope you have had a relaxing Memorial Day of reflection as well as just time off to have fun and enjoy life.

You know sometimes we take it for granted this thing called life. We think we have all the time in the world so we turn to back things that we were rescued from and get ourselves stuck into the “pit” again and again.

What is the “pit” you wonder? It is the trap that we sometimes ensnare for ourselves. At first it is temptation leading to giving in to the sin. But if we are not serious about repentance, the telling to God that we are sorry and we turn away and will go back to Him, we get ourselves led back into falling again.

Falling and getting out. Repeat.

That struggle can be so discouraging. A person I know unfortunately has turned that way and ended up not in this world anymore. It’s sad to see someone that knew the truth be in a situation that they did not want to leave.

But our sin sometimes gets us in a loop.

I’ve been in that “loop” many times. Saying “I’m sorry God, forgive me…” then doing that deed again.

Sometimes we may get deeper, knowing that we shouldn’t but that want to turn from God is just too good, like a piece of your favorite dessert.

Then you partake and realize you are not satisfied. You can never be satisfied.

Yet it is so seemingly enjoyable to get into again… we’ll think maybe this time we will get it right and it will be so “good”!

But it never is. Why is that?

Because we live in a fallen world and we desire something but the thing that was our first want was to sin. After the fall of the world through one man who had the responsibility to say no there was sin that entered the world.

And sin is evil!

It is the world: it is all bad, it is fallen, the reason we have death and so much bad in this place here on earth.

But if you know Christ, should you keep heading down this path? As in getting into tons of stuff you shouldn’t?

Paul has said something about that. Should we keep sinning harshly just because we have a savior to turn to that will have God forgive us?

Yes or no?

What do you think?

I think that we are free to do what we want but if we want to serve God we have to realize we should make more decisions for the Lord.

That means though our sin nature fights it at times, we have to look to God in all circumstances if we want to serve Him.

A servant of Jesus should not be turning to ways of the world as a daily ritual. That makes our hearts unclean when they should be filled by the Holy Spirit.

That makes us less like a lover of Christ and more like a person of solitude because of sins.

Or a person that just wants to neglect all that God’s will has for them and will be provided to them.

That means not looking to other ways for truth and instead keeping your eyes on the mount and our feet firmly on solid ground. The ground of the Rock, the solid place of Jesus Christ.

We can continue on and live with prospering lives if we deny ourselves and seek His will. But God still does want us to make our own choices.

We don’t have to do that because God wants us to follow Him. There is no way but Jesus. God’s word says: Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”

And Jesus made that way, did the penalty for us and our sin. He died on the cross, rose again, and lives in Heaven one day coming to do the final things this earth has yet to see.

Would you want your friends to fall into those days? I don’t think so. We should live as pure hearts of Jesus’ love, sacrifice our time, give our lives so that people would learn of the truth, and just be love to them.

Just showing love is the first step. How do you want to do it?

That is the one step where there is the undoing of sin. If your heart is clean because of forgiveness or because you show His love to others around you, what does that say to your life?

You are a new creation in Christ. Your old self died with Him on the cross. That person is now no longer a part of you… isn’t that exciting???

To have no more sin to account against you and make you dead to the world and to go to hell… because of Christ that is no longer a part of you.

Amen! We should share this news and love and mercy to others because He makes all things possible. And He will undo so much bad stuff in others lives as a result. It is His power. We must know that love can sweep it all away, move and change hearts, and give people a brand new purpose!

How sweet is that news?

Let’s as Christians (or if you are a new Christian or interested, message me on comments) see God undo the chains we sometimes let ourselves get shackled with and serve with lives pleasing to Him…





Man Vs. God’s Glory- 10/21/14

I almost forgot to post today something that has been on my heart to talk of for awhile  though I was planning it. I read a brief devotion from Max Lucado that basically said to do something for God now. That was enough nudge from the Holy Spirit, thank you God.

What do you think of when you hear of glory? Do you think of the Lord? Do you think of the glory after a win in a major football game? Do you think of a Lady Gaga song…?

Well, what is glory? I looked up the word a bit of a while ago and it described it as “exalted honor.” Hmm, interesting.

I used to think if it was God’s glory it was like a big and amazingly bright light that was always shining day after day and forever. Because through all things when they are done in God’s love or passion He glorifies Himself all the time.

It’s sad when people think they know what is good for others. I mean that as if some places have gone beyond the separation of church and state and lawmakers are now making the church do things that are violating the law, in their effect (though they claim they are in right and the church is being unlawful). What they are doing is wrong and is basically equivalent to me going to an atheist convention and preaching the word of God and if they bring on the cops I sue and automatically collect the damages. Because they just wronged my right to tell them that what they were saying in that congregation of people was against my belief.

Now I know that people think “what are you talking about?” Sound ridiculous? It seems in the USA a country that has been stated once as a Christian nation is being pulled out of being that because of people. It’s funny when ones say churches are wrong to say certain things. That opinion can be taken in and pondered about. Okay, sometimes there are people who have off beliefs and should be labeled as cults but the church should never be given restrictions for what they can and cannot say. Restrictions as in a law that is active in the huge state of New York stating what churches in that entire area are being forced to not say.

What happened to freedom of religion? It seems in left-wing politics they can say whatever they want against others and justify it but once you try to tell your freedoms they bring out the constitution (which they apparently don’t even follow themselves what with forcing medical care on the entire public or else people pay a fine) and say “You should follow the law! Unconstitutional.”

Now I did not try to start a flame war with people strong on politics because I wanted to talk about something actually important.

I want to go beyond all beliefs in the political field and pierce though it with God.

What does God really want for us? Extreme left-wing, right-wing who cares?!!

What does the god of the universe who could have focused on anywhere else in this world but wants a relationship with us here down on earth? Who wants us to choose to be more like Him who wants to dwell within us?

You know during times of the Old Testament people were given laws. Did these laws save the people? By no means!

It was God who would do the saving, they depended and focused directly to Him!

God spoke to the people, had the Word for the people because knowing what God wants for us by reading His word has no way in our heart if they are just laws or “rules.” What God’s word and the Gospel is are from His principles.

God wants what is best for us. His plans for all and each of us is not meant to harm us but to give us a future.

People think they are doing good by forcing churches, bodies of God who gather to directly know, be honoring of, and be blessed by Him to tell them what is “right.”

That may be right to the ways of the “man’s” perspective but that is not good for earthly purposes on what is right. What people think is convenient to man is not beneficial ultimately to the adding to God’s Kingdom.

People can struggle with sin and problems but they must know that there is love by Jesus that forgives it. God forgives all! His blood by Jesus. It paid for everything this world may think is both good and bad.

I’m still not ready to give my testimony on a subject but we must trust in God’s way. His way by the pure holiness that gave us the bridge to heaven is the only way.

We must give our exalted honor to Him not by what man’s perspective perceives as “right.”

If you are giving glory to man you are living for the wrong reason. Let’s say the Greeks in ancient times did that (don’t let me get into that one…!). Did the ancient games add up to much ultimately and spiritually? Well there was a lot of bloodshed for sport and those deaths were pretty much in vain as far as I am concerned (murder was pretty much the game, make them die or die!).

How does one add to God’s kingdom? Do you believe in Jesus? Have you told others about Him without using the “I am just a Christian” attitude where you either judge everyone around you and not share His love or you make your statements the gold; being a true believer in Christ is not to boast of your thoughts or what you think the bible says versus what is does say.

A believer in Christ boasts in what Christ has does solely on what God has done in their life. Do you think sharing Jesus is a burden or do you take it as a wonderful chance to love in God and be love by telling ones what goodness it is to know Him?

Do you think that you can get better in your works or do you know the truth that Christ work on the cross is complete? His death on the cross gave us freedom from our punishment from what we deserved. We are free from the powers of hell and your friends around you can be to so please…

-Let’s give for His glory!

God answered a question I hadn’t known for years!

You know, I really learned something in bible class today at church! I was pondering something I wanted to do for the Lord for a long time (count it- about seven years!) but was torn between the good and bad things about it. For a long while I wanted to make a specific movie project. I hoped to make an original film and specifically wanted it to be a PG-13 movie (I did not want it to be the “corny” modern G or PG rated film here in America. . . I wanted it to target a certain audience). I should have noticed the red flag right there that while it would be a movie for the Lord I purposely wanted it to have inappropriate scenes. There is one scene that comes to mind but I do not want to veer this blog away from “pleasant” material which is what I want this blog to have. So let’s just say it was a remark that was crude and made fun of the human body. While funny as it would have been (and it would have been perfect for the idea I was trying to satirize) I realize that, satire or not, it would not be good for God.

When one makes a film for the Lord they have to look out for a lot of factors if they want it to be fit for people who need the Lord. . . and one thing that should not be in it should be visual or gratuitous (meaning pointless) references to sexual immorality.

For years I have fought mentally with whether or not this would be a great film idea and weighed the pros and cons about the project (the cons at one point made me abandon the whole idea at that time back in 2005) and eventually I wanted to make it again. I wanted to get this story together. . . but I felt that I should look closely to what God wants me to do concerning this.

Who knew besides God that I would have gotten the answer today?

In Ephesians chapter 5 of the Holy Bible (especially in verses 3 to 4) Paul was speaking to the church of Ephesus about ways to completely honor God. He spoke to the faithful and people who wanted to follow what God wanted for their lives. The problem was there were people in the church who were preaching the news of Jesus Christ but living immoral lives. There is a word for that and in most cases this is possible to avoid; it is called being a hypocrite.

Paul was encouraged by God to tell ones who wanted to serve God how terrible it was to have sexual impurities while telling people how to live a godly life.

It says in parts of verse 2 (then to verse 3) to “walk in love, as Christ also has loved us. . . (be) an offering for God a sweet-smelling aroma. But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as it fitting for saints; (Verse 4) neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

One version that was read this morning spoke to me. . . it said “Let there not be a hint of sexual immorality in you” and let there not be basically crude talking.

My thoughts that this movie which would have purposely made fun of sinful nature but in a sometimes vulgar way would not be good for a work for the Lord. As funny as that humor may seem it there would be no real reason that it should be there.

This week I feel my eyes are opened to what the Lord has in store for me. I feel that as long as I honor God I will be able to see fruit in my life and see what He wants in my life.

Do you “smell sweet?” Do you have a pleasant aroma that God can easily use for His will so people can enter His kingdom and be saved?

If you do not have a godly lifestyle pray about it and especially if you do not know Christ you must know that you need Jesus. Following Jesus is so awesome! I have never regretted living for Him.

But you must ask Jesus to be your savior if you want a relationship with Him. For example praying that you are a sinner and can do nothing to be saved or to go to Heaven you need Jesus. You must believe what Jesus did on the cross and then choose to follow His ways and trust in Him. If you prayed that prayer (or will tonight) the moment you do the angels in Heaven are rejoicing because now there is a new person who truly is one of God’s children and will be in Heaven one day.

Living for God has been an enlightening experience.

I have seen amazing things happen in my life and I know that so much of it came after I looked to God’s wisdom. He gets credit to all the wonderful things and results that have happened in my life!

Jesus who took the cross and died for my sin and rose again lives in my heart and I see some of the things that He does every day.

And today was no exception. I wanted to be answered this question for years. . . which was: “Is this movie project appropriate for the Lord?” 

And I got burdened by God’s Word to realize the answer is “No.” Though that is the answer I don’t feel sad that I have to say goodbye to this idea. God needs to be heard and when that word of the Lord is nicely “peppered” with big bits of humor, who’s attention does the listener become turned toward in this case? The speaker maybe? Not God.

God should be heard not I. I know that living this life for Jesus He must increase (be more like Jesus) and I must decrease every day. The word of God and the message of His son has shown me the place that is good that I must follow.

Thank you Jesus for showing me where to look.